Favorite Things To Do in New York City

I’ve been to New York City for two long weekends and a week-long trip now. I wouldn’t say I’m a New York expert, by any means, but I’ve traveled enough as a tourist to have been able to form a good opinion on my favorite things to do, see, eat, etc.

When I travel, I like to live life like a local would. I do think it’s important to see the historic buildings, museums, or other prominent places, but the tours and admission tend to cost loads of money and ends up taking over your entire trip.

After taking three separate trips to New York City, I have seen and done the following:

  • Saw the Statue of Liberty on a Hudson River Cruise at night
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Navigated the subway system
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  • Seen One World Trade Center
  • Seen the Empire State Building
  • Been in the MET, and gone to the rooftop garden bar (where picture above was taken)
  • Went through the National History Museum
  • Been to Rockefeller Center
  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Washington Square, and saw the outside of the apartment building from Friends
  • Walked through Union Square
  • Walked through Central Park
  • Walked through Times Square
  • Had my first NYC hot dog
  • Hailed my first NYC taxi
  • Saw the Ghostbusters’ building
  • Walked the High Line
  • Went to Chelsea Market
  • Tried Shake Shack

And a lot more. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot. But I feel more like I’ve lived life as a New Yorker more so than spent my entire time and money on tours and herded around like cattle.

Therefore, I have a few favorite things about the city. Below is the list of places and things I would do next time I go back:

  • Sons of Essex: Literally favorite restaurant in the city. Located on Essex street, I have eaten brunch there and dinner twice. I have had some of the best times there. The food has always been exquisite and the staff has always been accommodating and fun, which is rare to find in the city. As a bonus, the interior décor is gorgeous – it looks a lot like the inside of a British pub.
  • Rooftop bar. 530 Fifth Ave has amazing views of the city, and both times I’ve been there, it hasn’t been busy at all. The Sheraton Tribeca hotel also has a rooftop with a beautiful view. My boyfriend and I spent many nights drinking out there. We couldn’t get enough of it.
  • Trying new food! This is my absolute favorite thing about the city. You can eat anything you want in New York. There is no excuse to be hungry there, and we never were. There’s always a new place to try, and it’s all so yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Eat!!
  • Brooklyn, NY. Everyone gives it so much crap, but my boyfriend and I loved it! We both said if we ever moved to NYC, we would live in Brooklyn. I loved the vibe. Not as rush rush as the city, but you’re still close enough to get the same benefits. Also, everything is much cheaper.

If you’ve been to NYC as a tourist, or have lived or currently live there locally, what would you say are you favorite things to do or go? Do you agree with me about the food? Comment below or write me on Twitter @knackeredchaos!

Much Love