The Three Best Sitcoms to Watch on Hulu

Essentially, this is a list of my favorite sitcoms right now. And since I got rid of cable, I watch everything on Hulu or steam it from a free third party. This is not sponsored.

New Girl












I’ve watched from the beginning and I don’t think it’s as good as it once used to be, but I can’t stop because it’s still light-hearted and entertaining. Also, Nick Miller.

Watch on Hulu.

Modern Family



I picked this show up a couple years ago and have watched religiously ever since. Modern Family is hilarious and the mockumentary-type style of shooting is genius. I definitely think it had more laugh-out-loud funny moments in the earlier seasons, but the writers are still on their A-game. Phil Dunphy makes the show what it is.

Watch on Hulu.

The Mindy Project



I’m a really big fan of Mindy Kaling in general. She has a very distinct sense of humor but it leaves me laughing out loud and desperately wanting to be her best friend. I was really sad when FOX dropped it, but I feel that it got better when Hulu picked it up anyway. I’m so so glad that they did.

Watch on Hulu.

Are there any sitcoms on Hulu that weren’t included on this list you think I should watch? Comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos.


Much Love