An Overnight Upper Class Flight from DTW to LHR on Virgin Airlines: A Review

The week before Christmas, I took a trip to England. I booked my flight in the summer, back when I had some money, and decided that I would fly first class on the way there. Now even though it costed a shit load of money, it was definitely worth it. And now I have a new blog piece right?? 🙂

Before I got on the plane, I only knew what my boyfriend and parents had told me about flying first class on an overnight flight, as this was my first time. So I’ve decided to inform those of you who don’t know anyone who can fill you in so that you can be prepared. I personally think it’s nice to know what to expect so you don’t look completely stupid and in shock the entire time.

I was the fourth person on the plane. I immediately found my pod and situated myself. Two minutes after I had sat down a flight attendant came by with champagne and I did not reject it. There was a little bag on your seat next to the menu that includes what’s to offer for dinner and breakfast. Inside the bag, I found a toothbrush and toothpaste, lavender spray for my pillow, an eye mask, a pen, etc. (I say etc. because I actually can’t remember anything else they put in there – sorry).

It takes a while to board everyone on the plane, so I just read my book and sipped my champagne until the captain came on to notify us that we would be departing soon.



(Above: Me reading in my pod in seat 3K waiting to take off. Book: The Woman in Cabin 10)

The flight attendants then came around to get us situated for dinner once we were in the air. They took out my tray, put a placemat on top, and laid out silverware and glasses. I, then, had about 6 different options for wine to drink – I tried all the reds, obvs. As I mentioned before, the menu was provided before we sat down so I had some time to look it over. When the flight attended came to me I ordered a quinoa salad for a starter and a chicken dish for the main. They also came around with warm rolls about 3 or 4 times and you could pretty much eat as much as you want and I did. The food was good! I was very surprised that plane food could actually be tasty.

Throughout the whole duration of the flight I watched movies on the entertainment unit they provide in my pod that leaned back far enough to be very very comfortable. I am only 5’2” and I fit perfectly. After about two hours into the flight, everyone began to lay down for sleep.

The flight attendants come by with a “sleep suit” that you can choose to accept or decline. I accepted as I was told the duvet gets white fuzz all over your clothes. I didn’t have much of a problem with fuzz, but it was nice to have a change of clothes for sleep, especially if you’re a person who travels in jeans or something uncomfortable (weirdo). You can ask a flight attendant to turn your pod into the bed whenever you’re ready and they’ll get the pillow and duvet out for you.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really sleep. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed in the world and they ask you to keep your seatbelt on so if you move around a lot in your sleep – like me – it makes it a bit restricting. The guy behind me was snoring rather loudly and as that became the only thing I could focus on, sleep wasn’t coming quickly. But the real reason I couldn’t fall asleep was because of the fact that I was SO EXCITED, not only to be in England, but to see my boyfriend as it had been a month since I’d seen him last. I ended up getting an hour-long nap before I woke up to the smell of breakfast.

You don’t have to wake up for breakfast if you don’t want to, but the advice I received was to take full advantage of everything first class offers. And I’m sure glad I did.

I felt really bad as at this time my stomach was a bit queasy so I didn’t eat much of the breakfast they gave me. I did, however, order some tea with my breakfast in hopes that it would help my stomach. I ordered it black and got the weirdest looks from the flight attendant, forgetting that tea in England is very strong compared to the tea in America. So drinking English breakfast tea black is not a smart idea when you have a stomachache, or any time for that matter. I didn’t finish that either. Anyway, I went to the bathroom to change and tried to do a bit of makeup, and then a half hour later we had landed.

All in all, it was a very successful flight. I would fly Virgin every time if I had the option – the staff was friendly and the service was impeccable, and to top it off, we arrived earlier than scheduled! And first class ain’t that bad either 😉


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Much Love