Flat Digital HD Antenna: The Why and How

It’s long been known that Comcast/Xfinity has horrible customer service but because they’re the only company in my area that could give me cable and internet, I elected to use their services. Now as this isn’t a review on Comcast’s crappy services, I’ll skip a lot of the story and move on.

Anyway, I realized that in the last 6-8 months, the only thing I was really using cable for was the free movies and to watch the news in the morning. At an extra $80 a month, that’s hardly worth it. So I decided to get rid of my cable subscription. I have Netflix and Hulu accounts, but found that I’m still missing my morning news, and the occasional award show on Sunday nights.

Therefore, I purchased a Flat Digital Antenna on Amazon. For the specific model I bought, click here.

It is ridiculously easy to set up, but I laid out the instructions below for reference.

1 – Open the package, contents shown below:



2 – Connect everything. Make sure the cable is screwed into the antenna input on your TV, and then plug in the power adapter from the digital antenna.

3 – Turn your TV on, click on menu on your remote, click on Broadcasting, then Auto Program. It may look something like this on your TV:



4 – Wait 10 minutes or so for your TV to grab all the channels.



5 – Done! You should have some channels to flip through now.



You may have to troubleshoot a bit. I plugged everything in and then realized I never plugged the cable cord into the TV (lol, don’t laugh). I have also read that it helps if you put your flat antenna near a window to get better signal and more channels. I can’t do that as my entertainment unit is too far away from the windows, but I still get a fair amount of channels. And now I can watch the news in the morning for free! Problems solved.


Are any of you using other devices to get basic cable other than this? If so, comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos!


Much Love