Managing Your Psoriasis Like a Badass

I should start this post out by claiming that I am not a dermatologist, nor have I ever pretended to know more than one. I want you to be cautious that every person’s case is different and you may need to seek medical treatment. I am not saying, in any way, following these routines below will cure your psoriasis. Psoriasis is not a curable condition. 

I first found out I had shitty skin when I was in 3rd grade, age 9. I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with eczema. We tried to treat my eczema for 3 or 4 years, not noticing any changes except that it was getting worse. I was teased at school as it would dry out my scalp and looked like I had severe dandruff. I would never wear short sleeves and hated wearing anything that showed much skin, especially during the winter months. It wasn’t until around 6th or 7th grade when my mom took me to a different dermatologist to get a biopsy done. When we got the results back, we found out that I actually had psoriasis and had been treating it with eczema meds. *Insert eye roll here* I was given a steroid cream as a topical treatment, which cost over 100 USD to fill the prescription, and a topical solution for my scalp.

Psoriasis can be genetic and a lot of members of my family members actually have it as well. It’s known that tanning, or sun exposure, can help immensely. It wasn’t until I was in college when I started learning and investigating other ways to help my skin without harsh chemicals or steroids. Finally, I came up with a routine that enabled me to eliminate almost all prescription medication, with the exception of the topical solution I use on my scalp from time to time – mainly in winter.

Tanning. Yes, I know it can cause cancer and can be terribly dangerous. I have read up on this enough and there are certain people who are more prone to skin cancer – those who are fairer skinned, people who have moles, certain genetics, etc. When I tan, it’s not because I want my skin darker, I tan because my skin looks and feels so much healthier when I do. I only go when I need to. During the winter months, it’s much worse as the air is drier and humidity is gone. I understand the implications and the horrible effects it has on your skin and aging, so I try not to over do it.

Body oil. If you read my post on all the hair products I use, you’ll remember how obsessed I am with oils and the OGX brand. This dry body oil is my one true love. If they ever discontinued this, my skin’s health would be in jeopardy. I tell everyone about this as I swear by it.

You hear me OGX?? Never stop making this!!

You put it on in the shower like you would lotion – massage it into your skin – after you’ve washed and shaved. You, then, rinse it off, pat yourself dry with the towel when you get out and voilà, you’re done. If I ever run out and don’t get to use this stuff in the shower, I notice a significant difference. I could not get by without it.

Body lotion – Les Couvent des Minimes. I swear by this lotion brand as well. It actually originated in France, but I began using their hand lotion first, then their foot lotion, and then tried their body lotion. I haven’t used anything else since. Ulta used to carry it but stopped, so I now order it directly from their website. It’s pricey but I make an exception because it works wonders on my skin. I even get complimented on how soft my skin is now. Me! I never thought that would be a possibility when I was being bullied in school as a kid.

Lush Massage Bar. This is my favorite one. This isn’t a daily product I use, but I get spoiled with it every once in a while. And afterwards, my body feels amazing. It’s almost the same as how you feel after being insanely dehydrated and then drinking a whole bottle of water, but for your skin. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for good ways to moisturize their body, or even if you have severe dry skin. Go to Lush and pick a massage bar. Take a bath and then rub the massage bar on your skin after you’ve dried off. You won’t regret it.

I would like to mention that I don’t take baths as I despise them. I can’t stand when my fingers get all wrinkly and the bath water turns cold. I figured I’d suggest it since it seems to be a huge cultural revolution these days.

I am very happy that I found a way to manage my psoriasis without using costly medications. My condition is relatively mild compared to what you see commercials for on TV, called “plaque psoriasis” which some people need pills or injections to maintain. I just tend to get dry red or white patches that will smooth out with the oils and lotions, and will blend in to my regular skin color with tanning.


For those of you who have severe dry skin or psoriasis, what kind of products or routines do you use to help manage your skin? Comment below or write me on Twitter -@knackeredchaos!


Much Love