My Favorite Handbags and Obvious Kate Spade Obsession

I have always been interested in fashion. Since I was a kid, shopping was and will always be one of my favorite activities. When I was finally able to afford quality clothes and handbags, I treated myself. And as I look back, a little part of me wishes I had saved a lot more of my money. But, I have no regrets because I have a very large supply of designer handbags now.

And as you will soon see, the majority of them are Kate Spade. She just gets me.

Now I didn’t buy these all at once. It was more of a seasonal thing. And I have definitely gotten good use out of all of them. I haven’t bought a new bag in ages, with the exception of the Marc Jacobs I bought in December in preparation for my London trip. And I actually used a gift card to cover that purchase! So no harm done, and one BIG smile.

Anyway, below are all of my favorite handbags.


This beautiful blueish purple tote gives me this feeling inside that I cannot describe. I love how large it is because it fits EVERYTHING inside. And I love how unique the color is. I use this one as go-to my Fall handbag as I feel it’s such a Fall color.

Photo Mar 14, 1 16 22 PM

I call this next one my Christmas purse because of this insanely amazing red. I rarely ever see anyone with a red bag, and I get so many compliments on the color. This is generally my Winter purse because of that reason. Imagine this bag with an oversized emerald green sweater and liquid leggings. Or even a cream colored sweater and green corduroy pants. Yes, I know you’re drooling. Me too. It’s my bag and you can’t have it! *Currently carrying this one now.

Photo Mar 14, 1 26 42 PM

My all seasons bag. I really loved the Michael Kors’ handbag that came out a couple of years back that had the studs all over (link here). I was mesmerized by the white one and I really almost purchased it. At that point, I was too poor to afford anything that expensive so I held back. And I’m glad I did because then I wouldn’t have had a reason to buy this one below. I wanted a lighter color purse that could be multi-seasonal and this one fits the bill. It’s very large so not an easy purse to take on a night out or do a lot of walking as it doesn’t have a shoulder strap, but the straps are big enough to put over your shoulder to go to and from work or on a plane. It fits everything, plus, it actually fits everything. I’m actually just about to switch over to this one, if Spring would ever get here!

Photo Mar 14, 1 19 19 PM

Yay for backpacks! So I should tell you that I got this bag half off. Kate Spade does a lot of sales and you can find some good items for half the price if you catch it at the right time. I had the intentions of using this bag in NYC and other touristy destinations. I love the idea of throwing a bag on your back and having both hands at your disposal. The only problem with this one is there’s no guarantee your stuff will stay inside. There’s a little snap inside at the top and then a drawstring, but the flap just rests over the opening, you have you be VERY careful with this bag. But it is perfect for airports as it fits just fine under a seat and can carry quite a bit of stuff inside of it. No ragrets here.

This bright blue beauty was bought on sale. I wanted to get a pretty colored satchel for Summer as all of my other satchels tend to be very basic. Unfortunately, that means I don’t get to use this one as much since the color can clash with certain Summer outfits. Although, I have gotten many compliments on this one so there’s that. But limited exposure means it’s still brand new so there’s the bright side!

Photo Mar 14, 1 16 49 PM

This was my first Marc Jacobs! Mentioned above in the introduction. I got a bunch of gift cards from Bloomingdale’s and saw this purse on sale and bought it immediately as I have always wanted a black leather Marc Jacobs. I thought it would go really well in rainy London as I’m walking around being all annoying and touristy. It’s actually a good sized satchel so I could fit both my boyfriend’s and my sunglasses with my money and phone. This was a smart decision and practically free. Holla.

Photo Mar 14, 1 18 49 PM

And here’s the only non-designer purse featured here. I got this one quite a few years back as a Summer/Fall/Spring satchel. And I got it from Nordstrom’s for $40. I think. I really cant be 100% sure on this as it was such a long time ago. But I still use it and I still love the look of it. It goes well with anything and any time, except Winter. I personally think the black leather Marc Jacobs looks better with snow than this one. But this proves you do not need to spend a lot of money for quality items! You just need to know where to shop. And that is Nordstrom’s. #NordstromForever

Photo Mar 14, 1 17 52 PM

Lastly, I thought I’d include how I hang up all my purses in a such a little amount of space that I have in my apartment for storage. I love this idea and it’s worked really well! I believe I got the “coat” rack online from Wayfair!

Photo Mar 14, 1 19 38 PM


What are your favorite handbags? Post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #knackeredhandbags so I can see!


Much Love