Where to Stay in New York City: FiDi Vs. Tribeca

Chances are that if you’re reading this post you’re thinking of taking a trip to the Big Apple for some reason. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, where you stay can really make a big difference. The city is so big. And it’s really nice when you have bars, restaurants, and shopping near you. Not to mention, you want to be in a good location to see some sights. So that’s why I’ve decided to write this post.

I’ve been to NYC three times in my life. The first time, I stayed with a friend who lived in the Financial District. And we had a lot of fun and I remember liking the area. So when my boyfriend and I scheduled a long weekend to meet in the city, I found us a hotel in FiDi (short for Financial District – pronounced like WiFi). At that time, I had a ton of hotel points with SPG saved up from all the traveling I had done with work, so we only looked at SPG hotels in the city.

Aloft – Financial District

We ended up at the Aloft. If you’re not too familiar with the city, FiDi is pretty much at the tip of Manhattan. It takes forever to get there, especially if your plane lands during rush hour on a Thursday night. There was already a strike against it just for that reason. The hotel was very modern looking, and nice. The room was clean and equipped with what we needed. But it was tiny. I mean maybe 200 sq ft? Ok I just looked it up. Yes, the rooms are 210-230 sq ft. If you have more than one person in it, you feel a bit claustrophobic.

We did, however, try to find quick bites to eat nearby when we first got in as we were hungry. We walked for a mile until it started raining and had yet to find any kind of bar that was still serving food and drinks. We were in a dead town. In NYC! We ended up walking back to the hotel, and ordering from Seamless. We went to grab some wine for the room to save money for the rest of the weekend, and when I called down to the front desk to ask if they could send a corkscrew up, they said that they don’t do that and I had to go down to the front desk for them to open it for me. Which was really really weird…. (And that actually inspired me to buy a travel corkscrew so I no longer had to rely on other people to drink my wine.)

When I came back up to the room afterwards, my boyfriend was hiding behind the door and jumped out at me as I walked through the doorway. I screamed BLOODY MURDER. And no one came to see if I had been murdered or not. So I feel like that says a lot about the people on that floor. I’m not advocating murder or anything, but it seems as if you could get away with it if you’re on the top floor of the Aloft. Just saying.

All in all, I’d give the hotel 4 stars in general, but about 1 for convenience if you’re there for pleasure. If it’s a work trip and you’re traveling solo, it’s actually quite perfect. It’s right near Wall Street and the room would be fine for one person. We did have a pretty awesome view, though.

Photo Apr 04, 10 29 04 AM

Sheraton Suites – Tribeca

The second time we went to NYC was for my birthday week in November. As I stated above, we had to stick to using SPG hotels because of all the points I had so we stayed at the Sheraton in Tribeca. It was AMAZING. The hotel was in a prime location near a lot of shopping, bars, sights, and a wine store right across the road that we became very good friends with. We would have been better off buying a whole case of Prosecco considering how much of it we drank during this trip…

The hotel had been renovated so it was in very good shape. The bathroom was much more open, as was the room. We didn’t feel so claustrophobic in this one. And the view? Oh. My. God.

Photo Nov 08, 9 20 48 AM

Above are the birthday mimosas D poured for us as soon as I woke up in the morning. It was lovely. We couldn’t get enough of this view. And the best part is that because I am an SPG Platinum member, we got access to the lounge on the top floor, which had a rooftop terrace. We would go get our free drinks and sit outside and stare at this every single night.

Photo Nov 10, 8 14 25 PM

They actually gave me a complimentary breakfast coupon, but we never used it, which is quite silly now that I think about it.

As you can probably tell, I liked this hotel much better. The location was great. We were right around the corner from the subway. We had a wine store across the street. Shopping was only a couple streets over. LOTS of very good restaurants nearby. And the hotel staff was very nice and friendly and cleaned our room exactly as they should have. Not to mention, Sarabeth’s was right around the corner. And I can’t even express how much I loved to go to Sarabeth’s for brunch.

Photo Nov 09, 11 34 25 AM

We really didn’t have many complaints. And nothing beats that view and the rooftop.

I’d give this hotel 5 stars. I think if we ever go back to Manhattan, we would stay there again. We enjoyed it very much!


Any other hotels or placed you’ve stayed at in NYC that you absolutely loved? Comment below!


Much Love