Break Out!

There’s a new cultural phenomenon, if you have yet to take notice. And that is called Escape Rooms. It is where people sign up and pay to get themselves locked in a room and given an hour to get out by finding clues in said room.

Sounds fun, eh?

I’ve seen a lot of these on the interweb and they always seemed relatively interesting. My parents decided to book a room for my entire family and I finally felt like I was getting my chance to prove myself. There were about 12 of us to enter a room together.

They have you hang out in a staging area where everyone has to read a piece of very nicely laminated paper to understand the story line. Then you have to sign a waiver, in case one of your own turn on you? I don’t know. Once it is confirmed that your entire party is there, they play you the video that gets you in the right mindset and tells you what you need to find to get out of the room. They take you to the room, lock you in, and the time on the clock begins to count down.

Now I don’t want to give too much away because I hate when those people ruin it for the others who like to be surprised. But essentially you all have to work together. The entire room is informative in one way or another. It takes awhile to get the hang of it, but once you do, it seems to flow through rather quickly. The staff had set up cameras throughout the room so they can watch you unravel the clues. That’s also a comfort if there is an emergency, you know they could open the door if needed.

We were able to break out with 1 minute and 23 seconds left, which apparently is the average time. Only 8% of the groups do manage to break out, so we were very proud of ourselves.

Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to drink beer and eat some wings. Not sure if you can get any more American than that – LOL.

It was a lot of fun. I would suggest you try it if you’re interested. It’s not scary nor does it leave you feeling claustrophobic, because in all honesty, they can open the door if absolutely necessary. My cousin was pregnant during this and they even told us they’d open the door if she had to go to the bathroom.

One tip I would give to someone trying this for the first time is to make sure you come ready to think. These aren’t the easiest clues. You do have to think, and it’s best if you can work together. Make sure you are committing everything to memory. And do not get a drink before the escape, just afterwards. To celebrate.

Good luck!!

Have you tried an escape room? Were you able to escape? With how many minutes left? Comment below or write me on Twitter -@knackeredchaos!


Much Love