Word of the Week Wednesday: Knackered


I’ve decided to do a new series of blog posts called “Word of the Week Wednesday” or WOWW. This, essentially, will be where I get to geek out over the American English or British English language. GRAMMAR. I love grammar. I have called myself a Grammar Nazi for years. I will correct you. You will not get away with mistakes!!

These posts will be short, unless I decide to write the love story between me and the English language. Which probably won’t happen, because I realize how weird that is.


The very first word of the series isssssss……..


I chose this as the first in the blog series, because I realize some of you may not know what this means, as it’s actually British English.

Knackered = exhausted

But it is so much more fun to say. I’ve heard multiple people from England say it and fell in love with the word. They tend to have a lot of funny and different words over there and this is my all-time favorite.

So now you know the name of my blog truly means “Exhausted by Chaos” in American English. And I am. Life is chaotic. My life is chaotic. And I’m exhausted, or knackered!

Fun fact: I JUST found out that “knackered” is actually a bit like using the word “crap” in America. You wouldn’t let your small kids say it, and you’d be careful about using it in front of teachers in school if you were young. I was made aware of this after I had already named my blog…… but oh well. I still love the word and I’m pleading ignorance on this one!


Much Love


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I'm a bluntly honest person who loves to write about my life without a filter. I won't pretend that everything is perfect all the time nor will I shy away from telling you when things are perfect. Life has it's ups and downs and I'm here to try to make sense of mine. Publicly.

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