Exploring the English Countryside in the Town of Bath

A couple weeks before my trip to England, the boyfriend told me he booked us a night in the English countryside, in a place called Bath. It is known for the Roman-era baths, which we never got to see. But quite honestly, it didn’t even matter. The town was absolutely breathtaking. The old yellow stone buildings, the water, the horse-drawn carriage. We got to our hotel, which was actually a bit difficult to find. We had to drive up all these really steep hills and through long winding roads. When we got in to hotel reception, they had told us our room was upgraded. We stayed in room Two of the Combe Grove. And this was our view!

Photo Apr 13, 10 14 14 AM

Pictures couldn’t even do it justice, but just look at the grounds.

Photo Apr 11, 2 58 51 PMPhoto Apr 11, 3 23 00 PMPhoto Apr 11, 3 18 51 PMPhoto Apr 11, 3 03 06 PM

We had a couple drinks and a snack (meaning truffle and Parmesan chips) and then went into town where we walked around and stopped for a drink at a couple different pubs.

Photo Apr 13, 10 14 19 AMPhoto Apr 11, 4 53 52 PMPhoto Apr 13, 10 14 23 AMPhoto Apr 13, 10 15 01 AMPhoto Apr 11, 5 48 08 PMPhoto Apr 11, 9 06 15 PM

We came back to the hotel for the latest dinner serving. In the morning, we got ready and checked out of the hotel with the plan to go to Brighton for the day, with a 3 hour drive in front of us. The car wasn’t having it and being very moody so instead of risking it, we decided to drive back to D’s flat. And that’s where we got stuck on the M25 for 3 hours making our drive home take 6 hours!!! Moral of the story: the M25 is an asshole.

All in all, this trip was amazing. I would highly suggest anyone to go to Bath if looking for a trip through the English countryside. The sights are amazing. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the rolling hills, but believe me when I say it was worth the drive to look at.

Photo Apr 12, 12 00 40 PM (1)Photo Apr 12, 11 56 11 AM


Have any of you ever been to Bath? Or is there another town in the English countryside that you think I absolutely must go?? I may do so sometime 🙂 Comment below!


Much Love