The Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

The very last night of my trip to the UK was spent at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour, which honestly couldn’t have been planned any better. We watched a couple of the movies the night before, and played Hedwig’s Theme on the way to the studio to get ourselves in the proper mood. It worked really well. I was like a little kid at Disney World.

It was amazing but I don’t want to give too much away because I would rather you all go see it for yourself, and be surprised like I was. I felt like I was in heaven. They show you the Great Hall, the costumes the actors wore, even the wigs. You get to see a lot of the props and the sets.

Photo Apr 17, 2 01 29 PM

For 2017, they added the Forbidden Forest to the tour, which I particularly loved for reasons I cannot share. Let’s just say someone in my group was scared of all the spiders……

Halfway through you get to stop off at the cafe to eat some food or drink butterbeer, which obviously I did. I love butterbeer. I’ve had it in Orlando at Harry Potter World, but that was years ago. It’s almost £4 for this tiny cup, but so worth it.

Photo Apr 17, 3 01 37 PM

Then you get to see the Knight Bus, the house on Privet Drive, and the Potter house. You go through many more areas and somehow end up at Hogwarts at the end. I had no idea it was next. My boyfriend let me be very surprised – thanks babes! He walked through first and turned around to see my face. It lit up and my mouth dropped open. Ah! It was insane. I think I spent a half hour staring at the castle and trying to take selfies with it (which doesn’t work because of the lighting unfortunately).

Photo Apr 17, 3 19 23 PM

Photo Apr 17, 3 45 09 PM

The tour then ends into the gift shop and my boyfriend and I walked around for 20 minutes. I bought £75 worth of candy and a Hufflepuff sweatshirt because I have no shame. I am very proud to be a Hufflepuff, even if everyone thinks it’s okay to bully us.

The tour was magical. I kept thinking about how all of these amazing actors had been in the same place that I currently was standing. A little part of me was hoping one of them would have randomly shown up, but I wasn’t that lucky. Anyway, if you’re in England and a Harry Potter fan, you must go. It’d be a very big mistake if you don’t.

Tip: Remember to purchase your tickets well in advance. They sell out very quickly.

Have you been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour? What was your favorite part? Comment below!


Much Love