Word of the Week Wednesday: Taradiddle

Been a couple of weeks since the first Word of the Week Wednesday, so I apologize for that. I had good reasons, I promise.

So this week’s Word is going to be “taradiddle” and the definition is as follows:

Definition 1: a fib

Definition 2: pretentious nonsense

-According to Merriam-Webster


So the next time you listen to a politician speak, you know that pretty much every word coming out of his or her mouth is taradiddle.

The more you know!


Much Love


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I'm a bluntly honest person who loves to write about my life without a filter. I won't pretend that everything is perfect all the time nor will I shy away from telling you when things are perfect. Life has it's ups and downs and I'm here to try to make sense of mine. Publicly.

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