My Five Senses Right Now

Day 6 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Today’s challenge is about my five senses right now. I will take that to mean that I have to describe my five senses at the moment. It is times like these I wish I was on a beach sipping a daiquiri. My sincerest apologies.

Sight: Currently watching Sherlock in my apartment.

Hear: See above.

Taste: The dark chocolate KitKat I had an hour ago.

Touch: The keyboard of my MacBook Pro and the couch I am sitting on.

Smell: Erm, nothing specific.

This post was really boring. Sorry about it, but I don’t choose the topics. I think tomorrow’s will be much better 🙂

Much Love


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I'm a bluntly honest person who loves to write about my life without a filter. I won't pretend that everything is perfect all the time nor will I shy away from telling you when things are perfect. Life has it's ups and downs and I'm here to try to make sense of mine. Publicly.

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