My Earliest Memory

Day 13 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

So this is a really fun post because it’s making me think really really hard. I actually have no idea what my earliest memory is. And I’m sure over time, what my brothers and parent’s have told me have somehow become “memories.” However, I’ve thought long and hard and I think I have come up with one…

I was always a social butterfly. I loved playing with my friends and I was very stubborn (still am). There was a little girl who lived next door to me who was my age, we practically grew up together. So I had to have been around 3 years old. And we were playing in the sandbox together in my backyard. And I didn’t want to get up and go inside to go to the bathroom, so I peed my pants. And was embarrassed because my friend was there with me and I knew better. I don’t know if she told on me or my mom found out, or how it all played out, but my mom was really mad.

Mainly because this wasn’t the first time. This had become a bit of a habit because I never wanted to stop playing with my friends to pee (priorities, am i rite?). So at this point, it was the last straw for my mom. She took me downstairs to the basement and threw my clothes in the washer, and made me sit in front of the washer and dryer and watch them be cleaned.

And the funniest part of the story is that this actually worked. I was so traumatized by the boring-ness (and scary basement) that I never peed my pants again.

And I believe that is my earliest memory! And now you all will have good reason to make fun of me…. So have I stated how much I’m loving this challenge yet??


Much Love