Timeline of My Day: Mother’s Day

Day 14 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 14, I’m actually supposed to be writing about something else, but I noticed that Day 15 was supposed to be a timeline of my day. And as that unfortunately was going to fall on a Monday, which would have been the most boring thing in the history of the world, I swapped them to make this post a little more interesting.

So Day 14 fell on Mother’s Day here in the U.S.. I went to my parent’s house on Saturday to spend some time with them. We went out for dinner and then proceeded to go play trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings. And we drank a lot. We even got back to the house and drank more while watching Caddyshack, so I woke up on Sunday with a beautiful hangover.

For those who don’t know, I get up ridiculously early in the mornings on weekdays so I tend to “sleep in” on weekends to 7am/8am. Because I was drinking the night before, I got up at 6:30am Sunday and couldn’t fall back asleep because I was thirsty, my stomach hurt, and I had a horrible hangover. I called my boyfriend to complain about my hangover for a little bit and then went downstairs and poured some cheerios into a bowl, got a cup of water, and took Ibuprofen while I watched Friends. I still wasn’t feeling very good so I went to Big Apple Bagel’s and got a coffee and a bagel. I immediately felt like a human again.

Then I showered and got ready. My brother and his girlfriend came over so we had some mimosas with them before we went to brunch. We then played golf and I went home to try to go to bed. Here’s the timeline below:

6:30am – Awake. Hungover.

7:30am – Got out of bed. Watched Friends for hours.

8:00am – Went to Big Apple Bagel’s.

9:45am – I showered and spent an hour getting ready.

11:00am – We had mimosas/bloody mary’s and cheersed Mom to a Happy Mother’s Day.

12:00pm – We went to the country club for brunch.

2:00pm – We went golfing (Mom, Dad, Brother, Brother’s Girlfriend, and Me).

6:50pm – Finished golfing.

7:00pm – Got back to the house and packed up my stuff and drove home.

8:30pm – Got in bed.

11:00pm – Still not asleep.

1:00am – Still not asleep.

3:00am – May have fallen asleep, but never entered REM. Felt more like I had laid there with my eyes closed for hours.

5:00am – Got up to get ready for work!

I know I technically continued the timeline into Day 15, but I felt it was necessary.

On another note, my mom seemed to really enjoy her day. We had lots of fun with lots of laughter and she was very happy! It was nice to see and spend time with my parents as I hadn’t seen them in over a month. Life has just been very busy!

I hope all you mothers had an amazing day yesterday. You deserve to have some fun and relax a bit. Your job is not an easy one!


Much Love