If I Won The Lottery….

Day 15 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

This is actually a pretty hard question to answer because it really depends on how much you actually win. In America, the government feels like they need to tax your lottery winnings so they take 39.5% of it. Yes, you read right. So almost half of the people who play the lottery to win it are just handing it over to the government.

It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard to be honest with you. The lottery does not make sense. And if I were to actually win it and have almost half of it taxed, it would be so disappointing!

Anyway, I’m assuming in this instance “winning the lottery” is more like winning billions of dollars after tax. I’ll roll with that being the premise of this post.

Right off the bat, I would meet with a financial advisor and figure out how much to invest vs. put in savings. Then I would try to come up with a plan as far as how much I’d be allowed to spend per year. Assuming that it’d still be a shit load of money.

I would, then, travel the world with my boyfriend as a travel blogger. We would pick the spots we want to go to not worrying about affording it. And from there? Who knows. We could live out our dream jobs, have multiple houses/flats around the world.

With the extra money, I would donate to charities and specific movements. I would help out family members and loved ones in need. I would probably eat sushi all of the time. And would definitely have flawless skin.

The fact of the matter is that winning the lottery won’t solve all my problems. It would help a lot, for sure. I won’t deny that. But life wouldn’t just magically become perfect. Just a hell of a lot easier. And it would be glorious to travel the world without worrying about costs. I mean….. damn.


What would you do if you won the lottery? Is there one thing you would immediately have to buy? Comment below and tell me!


Much Love