My Dream Job

Day 23 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Now this is a hard one to write about because it really has to depend on the way you look at it.

I changed my idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up very often as a kid. I went from “dentist” to “teacher” to “singer” to “actress.” When I got to high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the English realm, and decided on being an author. The next JK Rowling! Soon enough, I realized that I didn’t want that off the bat. I liked writing (still do, obviously) but the idea of spending my 20’s in a dingy apartment with coffee (that I didn’t like at the time) and constantly writing without knowing if I’d be successful or not did not sound appealing.

Part of me always wanted to be a stay at home mom. And as I still think that is a very rewarding life choice, I know that I would always want more. I loved nannying when I was doing it, but I always liked being able to take time to do adult activities as well. So devoting ALL of my time to mom life would eventually drive me mad.

I took a Project Management class at university and loved it. And luckily enough, I’ve been doing program management ever since. I do like the daily tasks I have, and the responsibility of keeping everyone on track. However, I work in a very technical field. And as you probably could have guessed from what I’ve written so far, I’m much more of a creative person. I prefer creative work spaces.

So I created this blog. And it has given me the opportunity to write short posts, work on social media, research other bloggers and the community I’m interested in, try new products, be way more adventurous than I used to be, etc. It has really broadened my horizons. And in this very short amount of time since I’ve launched it, I could really see this being my future career.

In all honesty, I do feel like I am not putting 100% effort into the blog right now. As you know now, I’ve been planning to move to the UK for months so my main focus was getting all of that figured out. And the next couple months I’ll be busy with packing, moving, finding a flat, and settling in. So I don’t anticipate getting into a smooth rhythm until the Fall. But it’s all worth it. And once I’m over there, I will have the opportunity to blog about so many more different things. We’ll be travelling much more and heading into London very often, and so on and so forth.

I would have to say then that being a full-time lifestyle blogger would be my dream job now. It would be amazing to set my own hours, write, post, research, meet other fellow bloggers, and get paid for it. Eventually, I hope to do that. I know it’s a lot of work, but I do have faith that I’ll get there some day. And it would also help make my dream come true of being able to stay at home with my children when they’re young! My mom did that for me and I will never forget that. It was truly amazing to have her there for me and I would like to be able to do that for my kids.

Any of you share the same dream job? If not, what is yours and are you on your way there? Comment below!

Much Love