My Five Favorite Bloggers

Day 25 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 25, I’m supposed to write about my five favorite bloggers. As you know, I’ve only had this blog since mid-January, so I don’t know the blogosphere all that well yet. It is my goal to start paying a lot more attention to my fellow bloggers, support their work, and stalk their profiles in the future. But for now, these are my five favorite blogs. If you don’t know them or heard of them before, you should check them out. I’ve included links to all their profiles below:

  1. Buzzfeed. I’m starting off big because I have always loved Buzzfeed. Most of their posts are hilarious and totally relatable. I’m not a huge fan of their news’ posts because they have no business reporting the news. It’s weird. Stick to what you know. Which essentially is trolling the internet and finding extremely funny shit to make fun of. Also, their recipes are usually great.
  2. In the Frow. All fellow lifestyle bloggers know her. She is amazing. And she’s absolutely beautiful. Her website is one to be desired and her Instagram game is top notch. She would be #lifestylebloggergoals and I think everyone feels this way. She’s definitely killing the game.
  3. MyBetterSelf. She’s actually more of an Instagrammer. I don’t think she has a blog, but I have included the link to her YouTube channel. She lives in Paris and is the cutest thing. I love her body image posts, and she’s actually very responsive despite the fact that she has over 24K followers. I really enjoy what she does and she seems like such a sweet girl.
  4. Ambitious Kitchen. I have blogged about her recipes before so I had to include her on this list. Her tag line is “Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats!” So cute. And I’ve made many of her recipes and they’ve all been very good. I always enjoy her posts and pictures of living in Chicago. You should definitely look at her recipes if you haven’t already.
  5. A New York Chapter. Last, but most definitely not least!! My best friend actually co-owns this blog. They created it over a year ago and have already formed so many relationships with different brands and fellow bloggers. And their photography is amazing. I love seeing what they’re doing and I think they’ve done an absolutely kick ass job so far. I definitely think this will be one to watch out for in the next couple of years as they continue to grow their brand and site.

And that’s it!

Like I said, I hope to get more familiar with other bloggers in the next year. So maybe I’ll be able to write another post in the future with a lot more detail. In the meantime, be sure to check these sites out if you haven’t. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


Much Love