The Peak District Series: Dovedale

The United Kingdom is beautiful.

I’m aware this is a very subjective opinion, but I can’t imagine there are many people who could argue this. If there’s one thing the English have done right, it’s how they’ve taken care of their land. For how many people there are living on this island right now, there’s still an insane amount of green space. You don’t mess with the national parks around here. Which is why I have wanted to take the time to see all the amazing parks and countryside spaces around.

I had heard about the Peak District from friends and pictures and as it’s only an hour or so north of where the boyfriend grew up so we decided to incorporate it into our plans for this past bank holiday weekend. We only had about five hours, so we really didn’t get to see much, but in all honesty I’m already looking forward to going back another time. It was lovely.

We first drove through Ashbourne which isn’t even technically the Peak District – it’s just south about a mile or so. There’s a very cute village, and the weather was amazing so there were people out everywhere walking their dogs and doing some shopping. Once we got through the village, we headed towards Dovedale and to Thorpe Cloud. We were able to park the car and just gaze at this view immediately.


Photo Aug 26, 12 46 54 PM (1)

There were people all around us. We had beautiful weather – so very lucky. And it seemed like everyone had the same idea as we did.

We began walking down a path, right near this very big “peak,” but I believe it more closely resembles a mountain. Anyway, D tells me that we’re going to climb it! Like ok, I was not mentally prepared to hike up a steep hill, nor was I wearing the proper clothes or equipment for this kind of adventure. I knew we’d be walking around and there may be small hills, but I was not expecting this.

If you’ve been to the Peak District, this is a hilarious thing to say apparently because of the word “peak” that’s in the title. D could not stop laughing at me. I’m from America! I am not used to this type of land! I am totally pleading ignorance on this one…..

Anyway, we walked around Thorpe Cloud because I refused to hike up it that day – I just wasn’t having it! So instead, we walked along the River Dove, walked across the stepping stones, and climbed up a much smaller hill to get some good pictures.

Photo Aug 26, 12 55 22 PMPhoto Aug 26, 12 55 37 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 06 00 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 05 41 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 02 38 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 15 31 PMPhoto Aug 26, 12 57 50 PM

Disclaimer: for those of you who go to the Peak District for the first time, there are no public toilets. So just because it’s a popular destination for other humans does not mean that you’ll have a comfortable place to wee. You will have to use the outdoors. There’s also not much privacy.

It’s clear I learned a lot on this trip…. 😀

Once we got back to the car, we went to The Old Dog pub to get some lunch. And almost every single table outside had a dog tied to it. It made for a lovely time. Good weather, good food and drink, good company, and good sights. Not much else you can ask for for a Saturday, eh?


For those of you who have been to the Peak District, what are your favorite places? Is there anywhere I must go next time?

Much Love