A Gourmet Burger Kitchen Review

It’s no secret that I love me a good juicy burger. And I’m obsessed with french fries. So when I get the chance to try a new burger place, I usually try to take it. I had to go to Westfield Stratford City to get a dress for a wedding and I asked the boyfriend to come with me. And like the amazing guy he is, he obliged. We went after work so obviously had to grab some dinner after walking in and out of many many shops. I was in the mood for a good burger so we tried out Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Photo Sep 08, 6 10 53 PM

We were both starving so we ordered tons of food. We helped ourselves to some peanuts and tap water while we waited for our Cokes. The boyfriend got the Major Tom burger, and I opted for the Avocado Bacon (because avocado AND bacon). D got sweet potato fries because it came with their signature “baconnaise” sauce, and I got chunky skin-on fries because I saw the skinny fries come out and they looked like sticks (skinnier than McDonald’s). We got the chilli fried chicken bites starter, and also ordered some onion rings.

I told you we were hungry.

Interestingly enough, the chicken starter was probably the best thing we had. I wish they had a giant portion of that on the menu because it was really that good. Essentially, it was just big sized “bites” of chicken and had a sriracha hot sauce mayo dip. Insanely good.

No time for a picture for these – we devoured them.

In second place came the onion rings. They came on something that can only resemble a toilet roll holder but were crispy, greasy, and flavorful – exactly what you’d want in an onion ring.

Photo Sep 08, 6 18 57 PM

I was a bit disappointed in my burger because as I know I ordered the Avocado Bacon burger, I would have expected it to come with lettuce, tomato, and onion, because don’t all burgers just generally have that? Apparently not. So maybe it was my fault for assuming that? Anyway, it didn’t taste bad by any means, but I was bored with it compared to the other good stuff we had to eat. And if you’re going to a burger place, and you’re bored with the burger, that kinda defeats the purpose a bit, doesn’t it? I dunno. D liked his burger. I will say that the actual meat was cooked perfectly and was very tasty. So I think next time I would just be smarter about the burger I order and make sure it has everything I want on it.

Photo Sep 08, 6 18 49 PM

Lastly, the fries weren’t that spectacular. I’m personally not a fan of sweet potato fries, but I did try one and it was alright. Mine were not good. I was really bummed out because they were more like the English version of chips, which I don’t necessarily like unless it’s with fried cod and mushy peas. I don’t want stringy fries or chunky chips, I want regular sized crispy french fries. So if I had to rate the place on fries alone, it would get a zero, because that’s how serious I am about my french fries.

But overall, I did like like this place. I definitely would go back but I would know not to order any fries and just eat all the chicken bites and onion rings. And get a proper burger next time as well. Probably was my fault.

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Have you ever been here? What did you think? Or have I made you want to go and now you absolutely must go get a burger now or forever hold the peace? 😛


Much Love