The Peak District Series: Tissington

Because the Peak District is so big, and because I’d like to see so much more of it in the future, I’m splitting these posts into chapters. That way, if you’d like to figure out the main places to travel to in the Peak District in the future, it’ll make reading that much easier – instead of packing it all into one post.

Anyway, we left Dovedale (Chapter 1) and went to Tissington. It’s literally a 5 minute drive away. And it’s magical. I honestly don’t know if I can find the right words to describe it. There are cottages everywhere, there’s village shops, there’s a very small amount of people. We saw 2 lb of mince beef for £3 – all local meat, which I’m sure has to be delicious. If we had been heading straight home, I would have bought some. Instead, we got some Red Leicester cheese and local honey.

As we were walking along the road, there was a stand selling small clay bowls using the honest policy. No one was there, but there was a bin to put your money and bags you could slip your new treasure in. I mean this is the kind of place we were at. I had been meaning to get a small bowl to use to hold my rings, or even my pills I take during the day, so I grabbed the one below. I love it.

Photo Oct 01, 3 51 39 PM.jpg

This place was so cute. And I would love to come back sometime. If we could rent a cottage in the winter time for a long weekend, this would be the perfect place for it.

Photo Aug 29, 1 24 03 PM (1)Photo Aug 29, 1 24 08 PMPhoto Aug 29, 1 24 22 PM

Photo Aug 26, 3 19 08 PM (1)

If you would be interested in going to a countryside village, I would highly suggest Tissington. You could not possibly regret it.


Anyone have any favourite places in the Peak District I should definitely visit next time I go? Comment below and let me know!

Much Love