An Autumnal England Adventure

If any of you truly know me, you know how much I love Autumn. From oversized jumpers, pumpkin spiced lattes, bonfires, and haunted theme parks, everything is better in the Autumn. I love that the weather gets a bit cooler and the layers come out of the closets. I can slip on a pair of boots in the morning and be on my way. Even the food changes. People break out their slow cookers and start to make stews and soups. Pumpkin is everywhere.

But my absolute favourite thing about Autumn is the fact that all the leaves change color. I can’t tell you why or what the scientific reasoning is behind it, but seeing all the beautiful colours in the trees, and the fallen leaves grouped to the sides of the roads, fresh autumn scent in the air, I immediately feel happy. I remember the times I’d jump in piles of leaves as a kid in my very first house with my brothers. I remember carving pumpkins and trying to decide what I wanted to dress up as for Halloween. I remember my mom making the ghost graveyard dessert. And not so long ago, I remember Autumn meaning it was football season at university where we would spend our weekends bundling up and tailgating before going to the game to watch our teams win.

And have I mentioned pumpkin yet? 😀 Literally so good guys. Pumpkin everything please.

As I’ve stated above, Autumn makes me feel alive. We have Halloween, we have my birthday, and then Thanksgiving. There is so much to look forward to. So since I’m in a whole new place this year, I decided to try to find the best places in England to see the Autumn leaves. And we started our adventures last weekend.

I chose a place that was only an hour drive away so that it could be a quick trip for our Saturday and then we could come home in time to get other things done. Around midday, we drove to Bedgebury National Pinetum & Forest. Essentially it’s a man made forest, so I expected it to be lovely. They were also advertising an Autumn Trail that I figured must be full of beautiful looking trees. We got there and were asked to pay £12 just to visit! And I knew in that moment that this wasn’t going to be that great, but we did it anyway because we came all that way, and who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised.

Photo Sep 30, 2 13 12 PM

Unfortunately, we weren’t. It wasn’t that great. There were a few red, orange, or yellow trees around but they’re not like what I remember from Michigan Autumns. In Michigan, you would see a huge group of full trees all with different colors, and it’s beautiful. It definitely wasn’t worth £12 for that Autumn trail, but we did try to make the best of it and were able to take a few pictures of all the nature.

On the way to the forest, we saw a sign advertising for Leeds Castle. And since the Autumn trail only took about an hour, we thought we could go look at the castle while we were in the area. It was 14 miles away, but took us 45 minutes to get there as we had to weave our way through all the country roads where we saw loads of gorgeous Autumn colours. It was actually better than the forest!

The website said that it was almost £25 per person, and as we’re trying to save money and not spend loads just to walk around the castle grounds, I took to google. I actually found a way to get right into the grounds of Leeds Castle without paying anything. It was about a mile or so walk, but it was a nice day and it was kinda fun. The castle was so pretty, and I am still in awe at how good the English are at preserving their history.

Photo Sep 30, 4 18 19 PMPhoto Sep 30, 4 18 39 PMPhoto Sep 30, 4 25 27 PMPhoto Sep 30, 4 26 55 PMPhoto Sep 30, 4 30 37 PM

We didn’t end up getting home until around 7pm, but we ended up having a lovely spontaneous afternoon where I was able to check off a couple more things on my list of things to see in this country.

I’ve only lived here 3 months and I feel like I’ve seen so much already. I’m glad we’re able to take advantage of the time we have for adventures like this one. Now I’m hoping we can get a few more Autumn adventures in before all the leaves fall off the trees!


Do any of you have any suggestions for places to go see in the next month? I’d definitely love to hear from you!!


Much Love