My Favourite December Accessories

I haven’t shopped much in the last year because I’ve been trying to save money. However, in the last month or two, I’ve splurged a bit. It was my birthday at the beginning of November. I got some gift cards and money, and wanted to get to know the shopping centres near me. A friend of mine from work took me to Lakeside which is in Essex, close to work. And I came home with quite a bit of stuff. Honestly, even I wasn’t expecting I would get that much.

Therefore, I decided to do a post with my favourite December accessories because I am obsessed with everything I got. I don’t have a picture of everything individually but I’ve included links to either the exact item or something very similar. Check the image at the top of this post for the exact item!

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask, The Body Shop, £17

I have seen this all over Instagram so when we passed by The Body Shop, I wanted to go in and check it out. I decided that, as I am obsessed with face masks, this would be one worth trying out. This was the first mask I have tried from The Body Shop and I will say that I was very impressed. You don’t need to put a lot on at first, and as it sits on your skin, you can feel it working on your face. It also had little beads in the mask so when you wash it off, it exfoliates your skin. I did this mask when I got back from being in London all day = pollution clearing mask.

9/10 would definitely recommend!

Marble Effect Notebook, Paperchase, £10

I am a sucker for a pretty notebook, especially since I am a huge list maker and I need to write everything down before I forget. Whether it’s food shopping, Christmas gifts, a to-do list, it’s the only way I can keep myself organised. And as we have marble all around our flat, I knew this would match perfectly. It’s my new blogging notepad and I love it. Such a good find!

8/10 would recommend

World Map Passport Cover, Paperchase, £8

I have never found a passport cover that I liked before. They’re either too big, too manly, or too girly, but I saw this one was a map of the world and immediately picked it up. I love travel and can’t wait to see the world and thought that this would be perfect to help preserve my passport. And the black and white keeps it from being too flashy or corny. I was able to use it in my latest trip to the US, and as it does get a tad bit annoying having to take it out of the cover multiple times, I still liked having it because it made it easier to spot in my bag.

7/10 would recommend

Leather Gloves, Primark, £2

So you can already guess why I love these, I’m sure. Not only did I need a new pair of leather gloves for the winter, but they fit perfectly snug, and they were only TWO POUNDS! I’ve always paid about $20 for a pair of leather gloves. Oh, Primark, how I love you so!

9/10 would recommend!

Suede Bucket Bag, New Look, £19.99

New Look definitely has to be one of my new favorite shops here in the UK. I got a new winter hat, some pajama pants, and a new handbag. Prices are reasonable and everything is so cute! I loved the look of this bucket bag as soon as I laid eyes on it. I had been meaning to get a suede bag for some time now so I was very excited when I spotted this one, especially as it’s my first bucket bag as well.

8/10 would recommend

Let me know if any of you have these same items, or anything similar. And feel free to share your December favourites with me as well!

Much love