2017: A Year in Review

How is it that 2017 is over? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, when the first half seemed to move so entirely slow. It’s been insane, and crazy, and amazing, and sad, and exciting, and well, I’ve had a bipolar year to say the least.

But just because there were so many ups and downs doesn’t mean that this year wasn’t great. Because it was. Great, I mean. It was fantastic. It was, in essence, one that I will remember for the rest of my life. This year was the turning point of my life. It was the beginning of a lot of wonderful things, and I can’t believe it’s already over.

For those of you who are just joining me, I’ll provide a recap:

I launched this blog in January. Since then, I have written over 75 posts (which for someone with a full-time job and (read below) a busy life outside of work is not bad at all), I have posted over 200 times on my blog Instagram account, and have seriously developed a passion and pride for this website of mine.

Photo Dec 19, 2 40 36 PM

Also in January, my boyfriend and I made the decision to move in together after 6 months doing long-distance. Therefore, I began the process of looking at getting a job in the UK so I could move to London, something I had wanted to do before I had even met him.

I spent all of February through April looking at companies in the UK who supported Visas, perfecting my CV, and applying to all of these companies. Every bit of spare time I had went to that project. Three full months of launching a brand new blog, working a full-time job, and job hunting in a foreign country for something I wanted more than anything in the world.

In late May/early June, I was asked to do a phone interview with the same company my boyfriend worked at for a position similar to the one I had in the States. Within a week or two, I had an offer on the table with Visa support. From there, I had to iron out all the logistics. I had to sell all or donate all of my furniture and belongings, had to cancel all my accounts, had to figure out how to get rid of my car, had to tell my letting agent I would be moving out. And I had to tell all of my family members and friends I was moving out of the country. All of this before June was even over.

In late June, specifically June 28th, I left America on a one-way ticket to the UK. I moved in with my boyfriend and his flatmate while we looked for a flat of our own. And I began a new job on July 3rd.

Photo Jun 30, 8 11 42 AM

At the beginning of August, we moved into our new flat, our first home together. And since then, we’ve been getting used to living with not only a person of the opposite sex, but each other, after being in a long-distance relationship. It’s not always easy, but damn it has definitely been worth it. The first couple of months were just plain exciting. And we’ve finally began to really settle down and get into a rhythm.

Photo Aug 04, 2 15 32 PM

In November, we were able to go back to the States for a week to visit my family for Thanksgiving. It gave us a nice recharge and relaxation that we definitely needed. We hadn’t had a proper vacation or break since April.

Photo Nov 23, 8 03 43 PM

And in December, we spent the month getting ready for Christmas, our very first Christmas spent together and in our first home.

Photo Dec 25, 6 35 21 PM

This year has had its ups and downs. There were many mental breakdowns, many stressful days and nights, a lot of arguments, and many many tears. I started the year off feeling so hopeless when searching for a job. I can’t even explain to you how badly I just wanted to see my boyfriend every day, to be able to watch a film at night, to go to the pub for a quick drink after work, to go on a long weekend together to escape. It was really hard. This whole year has been hard. Trying so hard to get here, and after 6 months, finally doing so. Then trying to get accustomed to a new job, a new home, a new city, a whole new country, a new culture, a new everything. Being away from everything I’ve ever known, especially my family, losing some of my independence, and having to relinquish a lot of the control I had on my entire life.

But guys. Look what I did. I worked my ass off to get myself here. And here I am. It took 6 months. During the 6 months, it felt like years. And now, I can’t believe I did it that fast. I built a blog up from scratch. And look where it’s at now. And not only that, but I get to see my boyfriend every day. We get to do the dishes together (exciting, I know), we go food shopping together, we sleep next to each other every night, we go on road trips to pretty places around the country, we have tons of friends we get to see, I can get into London in 30 minutes on the train and see all the beautiful sites and people. I’m happy. I’m a billion times happier than I was this time last year.

This year has been a dream come true. Everything I’ve accomplished has been because I worked extremely hard. And the fact of the matter is that I’ve got so much more drive in me. I’ve got a lot of plans for this blog to make it better and better every day. D and I have plans to not only make us a better couple, and better individuals, but to really live this life together, to appreciate the fact that we’re together, and not take it for granted.

Of course, there will still be failures and hardships and difficulties ahead. That’s life. But I’ve got so much to be thankful for and proud of that I believe I’ll be able to deal with it a lot better. 2017 was a year I will never forget, and I believe that I can truly go into 2018 with a sense of confidence and the motivation to accomplish even more.

Tell me, what was your favourite part of 2017?

Much Love