Yo Yo Yo! Sushi

I had never considered myself a “foodie” when that term first became popular. And this mainly was because of the fact that I thought it meant you seriously knew what you were talking about. I don’t watch any of the cooking shows on the Food Network. And I can’t tell you why. I love food, I love trying new food, and I love watching those recipe videos all over the internet now. But I can’t get into the TV shows.

Regardless of that, I realise now that I am definitely a foodie. Because the definition of a foodie is someone who has an extreme interest in food. What baffles me is that there are people out there who are not interested in food?? I don’t understand how that can be….

Anyway, since I am also in a new country, I am constantly trying new things. And food has been one of the most fun activities. I’ve found that pub food is rarely ever great. Nice restaurants here are really expensive. And Indian food is literally amazing – I’m so happy I found it.

I had to drag the boyfriend to the shopping centre to find a dress for a wedding and we were starving for lunch so we stopped off at Yo! Sushi, which is the coolest place. It’s Japanese, obviously. They give you a menu when you sit down, and everything on the menu is color coded, which determines the price. There’s a conveyor belt running through all of the tables and the food is located on the conveyor belt.

You will find that most of the items on the menu come by on the belt, but if they don’t and you wan’t to order something specific, you can press a button to call a waiter over and order your food. Otherwise, you can take whatever you see on the belt and eat it as soon as you’d like.


Photo Sep 09, 2 26 59 PM_preview

When you’re done eating, you press the button again, and a waiter will come by to tally up the dishes. You do have to be careful though because the prices add up very quickly. We only went for lunch and left paying £50. We were really hungry but also wanted to try everything. I had some sushi, dumplings, these AMAZING fries (ordered, in the featured picture), and I also tried chocolate mochi. And obviously we had to have get drinks.

Photo Sep 09, 2 44 38 PM_preview

Most of the locations in England are in London, and they have opened some Yo! Sushi stores in the US. There’s a couple in Florida and some in New Jersey/New York. I do hope they open more in the US, because it really is a fantastic idea. Everything is so quick and it’s a great way to try a bunch of different foods without really having to commit to one meal. If you have one near you, I would highly suggest you try it out if you haven’t already.



Much Love