How Wellness Week 1 Did Not Go As Planned

I began the week by packing a bag, getting into a taxi, dealing with airports and a thousand people, and flying to Turkey. A country I’ve never been to, a language I have zero clue about. And this, for work where I board a shuttle bus at 7:15am, and get back to the hotel at around 6:45pm. Needless to say, this is a really tough way to start a fitness and wellness challenge, right? But even as I was pretty upset about that, I had positive vibes and was truly planning to try and stick to BBG Week 1.


Unfortunately, none of that happened. For breakfast every morning, I did manage to eat mainly fruit, sometimes with a roll. For lunch, we ate at the canteen at work so there were no options but what was given to me.

Photo Jan 23, 3 41 22 PM

The first day, I was presented with this. Fried chicken with potato wedges, pasta with tomato sauce, a roll, and a salad. So mainly, I ate a lot of carbs as bread was served at nearly every single meal. I did, however, choose whole grain every time. I suppose that’s something?

When it came to dinner time, I ate at the Irish pub that was connected to the hotel. There was every kind of food you could imagine on the menu, which loosely translates to, “nothing is actually very good.” And that proved to be true when I ordered dinner the first two nights – fajitas and then a chicken caesar salad. But on the last night, I chose a spaghetti bolognese which actually was pretty decent. So hooray?

I was so hungry all week long as I never truly felt full so over the weekend, the boyfriend and I ate well. Very very well. Like basically threw out any mention of a diet. Oops.


As far as workouts go, I did none. I was already waking up at 6:30am every day, and then getting home just before 7pm, starved and ready for dinner. So the only time I could have worked out would have been before work and I was not about getting up at 5:30am on a work trip to then only be able to eat fruit for breakfast. Honestly, it just wasn’t an ideal situation.

I had good intentions and I did the best I could in regards to food. As I did walk a lot more than normal, I got more steps in during the day. But it was a bit of a fail. And as I am extremely annoyed about it, not that you can tell or anything, what’s done is done.

Therefore, I have decided I will start the true Week 1 of the 12 Week Challenge this next week, a week late. So stay tuned for next week’s post as it will be much more interesting and hopefully a bit more inspiring.

Apologies for the negative and bitter tone throughout. I’m obviously still not over it..

On the other hand, are there other people out there who get way too aggravated by plans changing, or not working out the way you wanted them to? I planned to begin this challenge for a whole month beforehand and was told about 4 days before that I would be travelling to Turkey. So it really threw everything for a loop and seriously pissed me off. Not many people around me seem to understand why I get so bothered by that stuff, but I can’t possibly be the only one?

I don’t even know how to explain it, but I can’t help it! Now that I’m going to be starting the challenge a week late, it feels wrong, and I feel off, and annoyed, and like I’m not doing it the right way? Knowing full well it’s really not that big of deal, and it’s fine. Gah! Someone please tell me I’m not crazy.

Anyway, next week shall be better, I hope. I’m going to try and get some of my favourite healthy recipes posted soon!

Much Love,