The Mylee Pro Gel Nail Kit Review

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I’m sure I’ve annoyed you all endlessly with my posts about trying to save money. But as I have yet to win the lottery, I’m still trying to find ways to save but also still enjoy the things I love. Unfortunately this usually means I have to put in more effort and do things myself, but that has also given me full control over the situation. And friends, I love to be in control.

I used to get my nails done religiously and it would make me feel so put together. Maybe it’s just a girly girl thing, but simple things like having my nails done can actually make me feel good about myself.

The first 5 or 6 months I lived here, I just let my nails go bald. I’d book an appointment for a manicure and pedicure for special occasions, but it was rare. And then around Christmas time, I remembered that they have DIY gel kits. So as I made a New Year’s Resolution to budget my life better, I decided I would do some research and buy one in an effort to save money from the salons.

I wanted to get a kit that wasn’t through the roof expensive, had great lasting results, and had a lot of different colors to choose from. I found the Mylee Professional Gel set for £63.99. For a couple pounds extra, I could actually buy the LED lamp which cures your nails in 30 seconds versus the 1 minute the UV lamp would take.

The kit comes with the Pro LED lamp, Prep & Wipe Solution, Gel Remover Solution, Lint Free Wipes, base coat, top coat, and 4 of their most popular gel polish colours. I also ordered about 8 more colours as well, mostly different shades of red, and a white for a french manicure. I also ordered a separate brush to dip in acetone to clean up the nail for a french manicure, or for when I get crazy and get the polish all over my skin – which happens all the time. And I actually ended up buying one of those tiered nail polish organisers so now I look like I have my own nail salon. Pretty cool, guys, pretty cool.

Photo Jan 27, 3 50 27 PM

I painted my toes and nails the same colour the first time around. Obviously, if you’re a seasoned polish wearer, you know that toes last forever, especially in the winter months when they’re protected by socks and shoes all the time. Naturally, I’d get a pedicure once a month, so will probably do the same here unless I get tired of the colour. My nails, however, don’t last as long. The Mylee brand has promised two week wear, but the first time I painted, my nails started to chip within 4 or 5 days.

Already that is actually much longer than regular polish for me as that only lasts about 2 days before I get the first chip. So I was impressed, although as I’ve been getting gel nails for years, I know they should last around two weeks if done properly. I figured I didn’t seal the tips well enough the first time around so the second time, I tried to be more careful.

I did about 4 or 5 thin coats of the coloured polish the next time, and 2 coats of the top coat, making extra sure that I got the tips okay. And this seemed to work really well for me. This time I actually felt like I had salon quality nails!

Photo Jan 17, 4 16 46 AM


I did experience some chipping at the end of the first week, mainly on my right hand. Which makes sense because I use that more. As I am constantly in water, doing dishes and the cleaning, I am more prone to wearing away the polish. If I never used my hands, it would probably last a full two weeks without chips. Another problem I noticed is that because I’m taking biotin right now, my nails are growing ridiculously fast. Therefore, my nails grew out and started catching on my hair when washing it.

Because the polish grew out, I took it off and cleaned up my cuticles, filed and shaped my nails, and put some Burts Bees hand salve on my nail beds. The next day I decided to try out a french manicure. It took me a whole hour to do both hands because I was trying to be so careful to get the white bits perfect. But it turned out so well, I am in complete shock! Especially for my right hand, which is usually so horrible because my left hand is quite shaky. And with more practice, I know I’ll only get better.

All in all, I’ve only had positive results with the DIY gel kit so far. Considering the money I’ve spent on everything and how many times I’ve done my nails, I’ve already saved money from not going to the salon. Below are my favourite aspects of having a gel kit at home:

  • save loads of money on manicures and pedicures
  • save time from traveling and waiting
  • get 100% control over colours, products, and when to paint my nails
  • can multitask and watch movies while painting
  • I feel super proud of myself


As for the Mylee brand specifically, I am very happy so far with the quality of everything I’ve received. They have a lot of different colours to choose from, and compared to other gel kits, it was very cheap. I would suggest you do your own research yourself and prioritise what’s most important for you, but you wouldn’t go wrong ordering this kit.


Thinking about either doing a vlog or just doing a regular blog post with a tutorial on a how to paint your nails with gel polish next, but would love to hear from you guys on what you’d prefer? Let me know!

Much Love