Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

I was initially really excited to read Into the Water. When I heard Paula Hawkins wrote another book, I immediately wanted to buy it. My boyfriend told me he had it and said I could borrow it so for the longest time I was waiting until we could get to it (as it was at the bottom of a box somewhere from the move). Finally, he fished it out and I was able to dive in.

Weirdly enough, I couldn’t get into the book. Every chapter a new character was introduced, and as there were about 10 different characters, I was really confused and lost. I didn’t feel so enthralled that I wanted to read it every day so I would put it down for weeks at a time, which made it much harder to follow.

It took me way too long to finish this book. And when a book is really good, I can finish it in days as it tends to consume my thoughts and all of my free time. So right off the bat, I was pretty disappointed.

As I got through the first half, it did start to pick up and I got a lot more invested in the story. However, after the next 50 pages, I was still a bit bored with the story and just wanted to finish it so that I could move on to the next one. My boyfriend actually never finished the book as he was so disinterested in it.

I don’t like to write bad reviews, especially when it comes to books. The Girl on the Train was such a good novel, and an extremely thrilling story, so I am a bit sad that this one wasn’t nearly as captivating. However, I would still love to give Paula Hawkins another chance if she writes another book. But sadly, Into the Water was a disappointing read for me.

What did the rest of you think about it? I know it was received well in the media so were there any of you who felt the same as me?

Much Love