A Wellness Journey: Week 2

Woot Woot! I made it through Week 1.

And yes, I will celebrate small victories here because why not?

I went into Week 2 feeling very positive and ready to take on all of the new workouts.


I wasn’t able to plan out dinners as I had loads of plans this week, it didn’t make sense to make huge pots of dinner. I did, however, make some taco meat for Taco Tuesday, which actually turned into a taco salad. I also had some pumpkin oatmeal cookies leftover for a sweet treat, or energising afternoon snack. And on Sunday, I made some Dirty Chai energy balls for a pre-workout pick me up and they are amazing. Thinking about sharing the recipe with you on Instagram this week? I think I just might!

Somehow, Monday evening I got home and was in the mood to cook up one of my favourite dinners that I haven’t made since the summer: parmesan crusted chicken, green pesto pea pasta on the side, as well as some garlic sauteed green beans. And my, was it tasty! I was ravenous and just wanted to keep eating more and more. But I didn’t.

I used the leftover chicken the next two days at lunch in caesar salads and was dying at how good it was. I was eating salads and enjoying it??? That is not like me. Guys, I’m changing, and it’s weird.

I originally had plans to meet a friend in Westfield Stratford City on Thursday to get dinner but those plans fell through. But since I had a billion things I needed to stock up on, I went anyway and treated myself to a Yo Sushi! dinner which was amazing.

Over the weekend, I didn’t really eat too much. I snacked a bit and spent most of my Saturday afternoon reading so I managed to forget about food as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was so much more captivating for me. I did eat a whole camembert to myself on Friday night which was insanely tasty, but not the healthiest way to begin dinner. And then somehow managed to have pasta all weekend. I really need to be careful with the pasta. Grrr.

All in all, I was very lax on my food for the week. I am proud of myself that I managed to make some good choices and eat more salads, but I am still struggling with my dinners and weekends. I did, however, manage to choose to eat sushi when I was out and about and that is a big win for me, especially when there were a billion other options around. I realise I need to stop with the pastas though. I do buy whole wheat, but I had a pasta dinner a bit too often during the week. I just have a hard time saying no to carbs.


Ah yes. So like I said, I had plans this week. Wednesday night, I had my lash appointment, Thursday night I was supposed to meet someone in Stratford for dinner after work, Friday my other friend and I were supposed to go out to London, and then Saturday I had a hair appointment in the morning. So I knew it would be hard to fit in all of my workouts after work (or first thing in the morning on Saturday). Therefore, I doubled up at the beginning of the week.

I found a kickbox cardio workout on YouTube and did that Monday night with BBG Week 2 Arms & Abs following. Tuesday, feeling all sore and exhausted, I did the same kickbox cardio class and then only managed to get through half of BBG Week 2 Legs. My legs had seized up halfway through and I could barely move off the floor so I decided to end it there.

Because I doubled up and wouldn’t have much time, I gave myself a break on Wednesday from working out, which my body thanked me for. My plans to get dinner with my friend fell through on Thursday, but I still decided to go for some shopping and managed to power walk everywhere and made it into a cardio day. Life can be so exciting guys!

Whatever, I got loads of new stuff. New post later this week…. 😉

Friday, I ended up taking the afternoon off, and as my friend was ill, we cancelled our plans for the night. Since I had another night free, I really did think about working out but decided I would do something on Saturday instead as I had originally planned anyway. I had already finished all my cardio, and only needed to do one more resistance training for the week.

After my haircut on Saturday, I came home and thought about trying a new Yoga channel out. I did some research during the week and subscribed to a bunch of new channels in search of finding some good at home yoga workouts.

As we all know, getting better at yoga is one of my resolutions and I figured I should start now.

I tried a beginner’s Vinyasa and was dripping with sweat after 20 minutes into it! I did a bit of meditation afterwards which was very relaxing and calming and then ran for a quick shower. I’ll keep trying new yoga videos and different channels and then hopefully will be able to share my favourites with you eventually.

I also really want to start taking progress pictures with certain poses. But *truth bomb* I am not too pleased with how my body looks at the moment so I’m a bit nervous to take pictures in skin tight athletic gear. Is there anyone who understands this? I know it makes no sense because my goal is to lose some weight and become better so it would really show a lot of progress when I do finally take the after picture. And yet, it’s a bit too hard for me at the moment…. We’ll see. I may just bite the bullet.

Looking back, I’m impressed with myself for doing so much at the beginning of the week, but not sure I want to do that regularly. I feel that I workout harder and eat better when it’s a daily thing. It’s easy to forget, especially when you’re first starting off. So from now on, I think I’ll try to spread it out if I can manage to do so. That’s what is so great about BBG – every workout is 28 minutes long so it doesn’t take too much time out of your day.

Week 2 Tip:

Reflection. Being able to look back on my weeks and reflect on my food choices, and workouts has been instrumental to learning more about myself and my wellness journey. Make sure you are doing the same. And try not to feel embarrassed or ashamed when you make mistakes or “fall off the wagon.” Just make note to do better in the next week and move on. This can only be a lifestyle change if you are willing to learn from yourself.

Let me know how you’re all getting on with everything. And keep a lookout on Instagram for the Dirty Chai Energy Balls recipe later this week!

Much Love