A Wellness Journey: Week 3

There’s nothing like looking back on the week to notice I made some improvements. I made much healthier food choices during Week 3. And even though the scale didn’t reflect it this morning, knowing that I feel better in my clothes and ate cleaner is enough for me for right now.

I want to get back into morning workouts. I managed one early morning workout during Week 3 and felt really good about it. So I will let that be Week 4’s main goal.


I decided to make the Moroccan Chicken with Lentils on Sunday. I love that recipe for so many reasons and you can read all about it in the post I wrote last week here. It makes so many servings so it lasts all week long, which is ideal, as I then have to spend a lot less time in the kitchen. Although, the boyfriend is obsessed with this stuff and eats massive amounts of it so it only lasted Monday through Wednesday for us.

Photo Jan 02, 7 53 18 PM

I decided to make my parmesan crusted chicken again, with green pesto pea pasta on the side, as well as spicy green beans on Thursday night since we ran out of the Moroccan Chicken. I don’t work off of recipes as I just do my own thing with all of those.

Friday night was National Pizza Day in the States and I couldn’t help myself from participating. So I made Ambitious Kitchen’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza for a low carb alternative. It was actually pretty good. You do have to understand that it will still taste like cauliflower. But it is a great way to still eat pizza if you’re gluten free, or want to keep it relatively healthy (minus the cheese, of course).


Lunches were very random. I tend to alternate between my own tuna salad on crackers, a chicken caesar salad (with minimal dressing), and chicken and rice. They’re all fairly simple to make and relatively healthy for a lunch. I try to make sure I don’t eat the chicken and rice on the same day I have a lot of grains as it is so easy for me to do, as Week 2 proved. I’ve done so much better with removing pasta from my diet during Week 3 so I’m very proud of myself for that. I only had pesto pasta as a side one night and then for lunch on Sunday. Planning my meals out is the best way for me to avoid eating things I shouldn’t.

Over the weekend, we got an Indian takeaway as my cheat meal on Saturday night. It was so very tasty. It is amazing how I’m not craving certain foods anymore *cough Mcdonald’s cough*. It really makes me feel good about myself to keep eating healthy foods so I’m just gonna keep going as long as I can.


On Monday, I decided to start the week off with BBG Week 3 Full Body Resistance which wasn’t too intense. I actually think I’m going to do the Full Body training on Mondays every week now as it’s a great way to warm my muscles up for the week. You do a little bit of every muscle group and don’t get too discouraged or scared for what’s ahead.

Tuesday I was not in any kind of mood to work out but I persisted and decided to try Yoga by Candace. I did a 20 minute yoga workout for back flexibility and I loved it. Oh I have lost so much of my flexibility from my gymnastics and cheerleading days but would love to get that back with yoga. I was sweating like crazy and really liked that workout. I’ll definitely do it again and would like to try more of her videos from her channel.

Wednesday I elected to get up extra early in the morning and knock out leg day. It took me a full half hour of decision making to actually get me out of bed, but I did it. And I kicked ass on all those squats, lunges, burpees, and X jumps. I actually wasn’t sore the next day which means that I’m truly toning up my leg muscles which is another proud moment of mine for Week 3.

I tried to get up early on Thursday to work out but as I slept so poorly the night before, it just wasn’t going to happen. By the time I got home, I lost any kind of motivation to do any workout.

Same thing happened on Friday. Once the weekend hits, the last thing I want to do is more work so the key to making sure I get all my workouts in for Week 4 is morning workouts. That way when I get home, I can just relax.

Saturday, I did go shopping and got a lot of my steps in so I counted that as a cardio day. It’s something, eh?

Week 3 Tip:

Figure out the best time of day to do your workouts that fits your schedule. During Week 3, I noticed I am getting very discouraged saving my workouts til the evenings. It leaves me way too much time to come up with an excuse versus pulling myself out of bed and just getting into it. Everyone is different so experiment doing your workouts at different times of day and make note of which one you enjoy more, then stick to it. Even if it does mean getting up extra early.

Only one more week to finish and then I’ll be done with 1/3 of the 12 Week Challenge! I really am loving this journey. Especially after last week. I notice how much more I value myself when I am doing what I can to make myself better. I read all of those transformation posts that Kayla puts on Instagram and never really understood why people talk more about their mental transformation versus their physical transformation. But now I am getting it.

Hope you’re all enjoying it as well!

Much Love