My February Favourites

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I’ve had such a good month already and we still have half a week left. I’ve made so many improvements for myself and the blog and even in my personal relationships. This is why I decided to do a February favourites post highlighting my favourite things about this month.

My New Wax Machine

Photo Feb 23, 12 35 48 PM

I’ve waxed my own eyebrows since I was 16. But as my wax machine in the States had a US plug – and also the small bit about wax leaking out over everything – it wasn’t a good idea to transport that here to the UK. I’ve been wanting to buy a new one since I moved, but needed to make sure I had the space to do so. This month, I bought one I had been eyeing on Amazon for a while and began using it. Now, this wax uses hard wax beans instead of the usual honey coloured actual wax that hurts like crazy and tears off skin. You pull this wax off without using strips and it just takes off the hairs. It’s a hell of a lot less messy, hurts way less, does a fantastic job, and if you can’t tell, I love it.

I have yet to try it anywhere but my eyebrows, but would like to experiment someday with my legs and see if I can handle it or not. Stay tuned.

BBG Workouts

Photo Feb 23, 12 39 18 PM

I am in love with the BBG workouts this time around. I’ve done the program before, but never really committed like I have this time. And now that I have fully committed, I am seeing some amazing results. I have finally seen some ab definition come in, I feel so much stronger, and as I am measuring myself, I have noticed that I have lost a few inches in a couple different places. I love that all of the equipment I need resides in this basket. When I wake up in the morning I just lay out my yoga mat and kick ass! I’m definitely not planning on stopping this program anytime soon.

Energy Balls

Photo Jan 28, 11 55 21 AM

For the last 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve had an energy ball every single day in the afternoon and I love these things. Not only are they perfect for quenching a sweet tooth using only natural sugars, but they really do give me that bit of energy and fill me up enough to hold me over until dinner. I realised one of my downfalls was being too hungry. When I’m too hungry, I tend to choose quick and easy solutions that weren’t necessarily healthy. I’ve really enjoyed the two different recipes I’ve made so far. The first one was the Dirty Chai (shown above) and the second one was the Chocolate Matcha. They’re so easy and quick to make there is no excuse not to. This weekend I am going to try and make Chocolate Chip Gingerbread energy balls. I’ll definitely let you know how those are. Follow me on Instagram if you’re not already.

Harry Potter Books

Photo Feb 18, 12 03 55 PM

The Harry Potter books are not just a February favourite. They’re one of my favourite things in my entire life and have been since I first read these books when I was 10. Ah, 16 years ago. So crazy. But since I’ve been rereading the series that I started doing in January, I’m loving getting to dive back into Harry’s world. These books just make me so happy, I don’t know how to explain it. I’m currently reading the Goblet of Fire which has taken me a lot longer to get through than the others. Yes, it is a hell of a lot bigger, but I’ve also been very busy and only get a chapter or two a day in. Hopefully, I’ll have more time over this weekend to knock it out as I’d like to be finished with the entire series by the end of March!


Photo Jan 27, 2 29 50 PM

I’ve seen a lot more people making podcasts lately and I realised I had not ever even listened to one. When I entered the new year, I really wanted to become much more knowledgable about other subjects and learn about anything I could. And I figured podcasts would be a great way to do that. I’ve subscribed to quite a few after doing some research and getting a few suggestions. I’ve listened to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert with Kristen Bell and Ashton Kutcher (which actually made me want to start watching That 70’s Show from the beginning). I also started listening to Keeping it Candid by two fashion London bloggers, Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. They chat about pop culture and have lately included sharing their stories about Instagram analytics and blogging. I like listening to those bits so that I can learn about the Instagram and blogging industry from two girls who have been doing this for a couple years now, since I’m still fairly new to the whole thing.

Decorating the Flat

Photo Feb 23, 12 31 47 PM

D and I have made some serious strides as far as the flat goes this month. We ordered two brand new sofas, a bookcase, a new TV stand, a lamp, some blankets, and some cushions. I mean, we’ve done a lot. And the flat is finally getting to the point where it truly feels like a cosy home. We had been borrowing a sofa and an armchair from a friend at work until we had enough money to get our own. As my parents are supposed to be coming to visit at the end of March, SURPRISE!!!, we wanted to get the flat a bit more comfortable for when we have company over as the living room was not a very nice place to sit and hang out. We’ve still got a few more bits to do before I’d say it was all finished, but the main stuff is done which is very exciting.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a tour of the flat in March to show you all!

A Makeupless Face

Photo Feb 23, 12 28 27 PM

I’ve always said that if my face didn’t have acne or blemishes, I wouldn’t wear makeup, because what’s the point? Since I’ve been eating healthier, working out, and taking my herbal supplements religiously, my face has cleared up immensely. Like I’m telling you, I’ve gotten compliments from friends, my boyfriend, and even my mom through FaceTime. For the risk of sounding conceited, my skin looks amazing. I have spent the last 10 years of my life trying a thousand different things to get rid of acne and have beautiful skin. I can’t even tell you how much money my parents and I have spent trying to achieve this. I think I’ve worn face makeup a total of 4 days in the last month and a half. I can’t even express to you how happy this makes me. In this picture, I did fill in my eyebrows a bit and covered up a tiny spot on my chin with some powder. But I haven’t done anything else to my face besides my normal skincare routine in the morning with lotions and oils.

Like I said in the beginning, I’ve had a good month. And it’s not even over yet! Not only have I done a lot in my personal life, but the blog has made some serious strides too. I have gained a lot of new followers on Instagram – hello to all the new people! – and my blog posts are getting many more views than they were before. I’ve beat my record for my all time views in a month in the shortest month of the year before the month was even over!

I know that was a long wordy sentence….Sorry.

Ah! But I love that things have really been happening for this blog. And I’m going to continue working hard on making this better and better because I am loving every single second of it, and I hope you all are too!

Here’s to an amazing February!

Much Love