My Lush Favourites

I didn’t really get into Lush until recently. And now every time I go shopping or near a Lush, I’ll go in to get something. Whether it’s for bath stuff, shower stuff, or face masks I can always find something that I absolutely love.

I used to hate baths. I never understood why you’d want to climb into a pool of hot water in the same place all the dirt and oils from your body get washed off every day. It sounds disgusting. And every time I tried to take a bath, I never enjoyed it. Especially because pruny fingers makes me feel sick. Eurgh.

However, in the UK, baths are part of the culture. Everyone loves a nice bath. And quite a while ago, my boyfriend bought me a bath bomb from Lush so I figured I should try it out.

Turns out, I really really enjoyed it. This is for a number of reasons. I could list them all out but this post isn’t supposed to be about why I now like baths. Although, Lush is a big reason why I started taking them. And so the more I wanted a nice bath, the more I went to Lush.

But I’ve tried a lot of their products. And I can say I love all of them. From hair oil treatments to body wash to face masks to shower scrub. You can not go wrong with anything in their shop. However, I’ve written this post to highlight my favourite products lately.

Bath Bombs

Ok I know I’m not the first to tell you what a bath bomb is. And Lush isn’t the only place to sell a bath bomb now. They’re everywhere. They’re popular. You get it. But the thing is, they make bath time for adults fun #MakeBathsFunAgain.

Ok I want to market this.

Anyway, they fizz and explode when you put them in the bath and they usually change the water colour and give off a lovely aroma. If you haven’t tried one, you need to.

My favourite ones are the Avo Bath Bomb and the Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

Photo Feb 25, 7 50 53 PM

Massage Bar

Ok this is the very first thing I tried from Lush as my boyfriend got it and gave me a massage a long time ago and it was amazing. Not only does it leave your skin super soft but the smells are so captivating. Honestly, check these out, they are the best.

My favourite one is the Hottie Massage Bar.

Shower Scrub

Oh mah gawd. So I got a little sample of this when D bought me one of those Lush gift boxes for Christmas. It’s basically a super nice smelling salt scrub. It works wonders for exfoliating your body. And you can actually put it in your hair and it helps create a ton of volume. I recently went into Lush to get a big pot of this because I love how smooth my skin feels after I use it.

My favourite one is Rub Rub Rub.

Face Masks

The Lush face masks are all made with natural homemade ingredients and need to be kept in the fridge for this reason. I’ve tried a few and like them all. Except Cosmetic Warrior is made with garlic and when I put it on my face, the garlic smell was so strong I couldn’t take it. So I can’t really recommend that one.

My favourite one at the moment is Brazened Honey.

Bath Oil

These are the best and my recent #1. I saw that they were relatively new when I went into a Lush a couple months ago and bought a few so that I could try them out and dudes I am obsessed. They’re so small and yet fill up an entire bath tub? I don’t get how this works. Although, you do need to be careful because they leave your bath very oily and my boyfriend slipped in the bathtub when he took one after me as I didn’t get a chance to clean it out. #BathOilsAreDangerous

My favourite one is Revelations.

Photo Feb 02, 3 06 54 PM

To sum this up, everything in Lush is basically great. And if you’re into skincare or bath products, you definitely need to start trying their stuff out. You can’t possibly regret it.

Tell me your absolute favourites in the comments below. I’m always interested to try new stuff if you have suggestions!

Much Love