A Wellness Journey: Week 6

Week 6 was intense. The UK got hit with a huge snow storm. I mean it was snowing all week long. It was cold and snowy and icy and windy and even more cold. It was what I expected from Michigan, definitely not London. So the workouts and healthy eating brigade didn’t last all that long. It was a weird week.


I didn’t really do much meal prep for Week 6 so on Monday night, I made garlic rosemary roasted potatoes with garlic sautéed green beans and my own Cajun chicken. It was actually really tasty. We ended up eating this for two nights of the week.

The snow storm began to hit Tuesday night and we couldn’t make it into work on Wednesday as it snowed all day long so we got a bunch of snacks and super unhealthy food and spent the entire day on the couch watching That 70s Show. I’m not even going to feel sorry about it. It was an amazing Wednesday and I can’t even remember the last time I have spent my entire day on the couch doing absolutely nothing. It was much needed.

Friday night I had plans with a friend to go out into London for some girl time and lots of alcohol. But the snow storm was still going strong and London was messy. We went out anyway because that’s #dedication. We went to my favourite place in Shoreditch, Barrio, and got a shared platter with chips and salsa, fried chicken, French fries and quesadillas. So yes, another cheat day. I loved it so whatever.

I actually ate relatively well during the day both Saturday and Sunday but had a chicken tikka masala Saturday night and went out to Turtle Bay on Sunday which is a Caribbean restaurant. Literally so much good food.

I have thrown off the balance a bit during Week 6 and will do so as well during Week 7 as it’s the boyfriend’s birthday week. But after that until my parent’s come at the end of March, it’ll definitely be much stricter food choices for sure.


I did manage to get in BBG Week 6’s Legs and Arms & Abs during the week as well as a bit of yoga. And BBG Week 6 is really damn hard.

I was definitely riding the struggle bus during the workouts. Kayla seriously kicked my ass.

However, I did notice how much tighter my abs and legs looked in the mirror when I jumped out of the shower yesterday. And when I did my measurements at the beginning of the week, I have still shaved off even more inches. I have given up on the scale because I don’t trust it right now. I am much more interested in my measurements and will continue to do that for the next couple of weeks.

Week 6 Tip

Don’t get too upset about the scale. As I said above, I’m not even looking at it anymore because those numbers are so inconsistent and the numbers that are truly showing progress are my measurements. If you’re letting the scale get to you, try to stay off for awhile and use the measurement you take to track your progress instead.

This is the half way mark ladies! Hope you’re all still loving it and doing well! Keep up the good work! We can do this!

Much Love