Southampton and Portsmouth

It was the boyfriend’s birthday last week and we had a few plans scheduled. Sunday afternoon, we drove down to Southampton to spend time with his sister and nephews. For his birthday, she booked us Flight of the Conchords tickets in Portsmouth. So we had booked off a few days of work, giving us a long weekend.

Before we traveled to Portsmouth, D wanted to show me around Southampton as he spent quite a few years living there and knew a lot about the city. We walked through Old Town near the Old Town Walls and saw buildings and structures that had been there for hundreds of years. It was absolutely beautiful – I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Photo Mar 05, 11 44 01 AM

I even walked under Westgate, the same gate the Pilgrims who left Southampton to go to America on the Mayflower went through in 1620! How freakin’ cool is that?

Photo Mar 05, 11 56 38 AM_preview


We stood in the same place where Jane Austen’s house used to be.

Photo Mar 05, 11 46 22 AM


Then we walked to the water and looked out at Royal Pier, the same one the Titanic left from. And of course, the same port the movie was filmed.

Photo Mar 05, 12 03 46 PM_preview

On our walk, we even saw a pub called The Titanic, with the slogan being “Welcome Aboard.” I’m not entirely sure about that marketing scheme considering the majority of the people who went aboard the Titanic died and all….

Photo Mar 05, 11 49 12 AM


We didn’t stay very long. We got lots of lovely pictures and then were on our way to Portsmouth to check that area out and get ready for the show in the evening.

I did love the Old Town bit of Southampton I saw. It seemed that every few feet I walked, there was a new bit of history to learn about. This is one of my favourite parts about living in the UK. The entire country is rich in history.

Photo Mar 05, 12 19 05 PM_preview

Even in Portsmouth, one of the first things we saw was a statue of Charles Dickens who was born there in 1812.

Photo Mar 05, 1 49 29 PM_preview

As you can see, it was a rainy and cold day so after a 10 minute walk, we took refuge in a pub and called it a day on the sightseeing. With me already being very ill from a cold, I was tired and not in the mood to walk around in the rain much more.

It was still a lovely trip and knocked off two more places I have visited and learned from in England. I love being able to use opportunities like this for the blog!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as well. I would suggest taking a day trip to Southampton as there’s so much history there. It was very cool to see it all finally!

Much Love