Navigating Social Media While Trying to Live Your Life

At the beginning of this year, I began to have more of a professional approach when it came to working on the blog. I started doing a lot of research and every week would try to learn something new that would benefit my brand. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort to make this site even better. And I’ve seen a lot of progress and success in all the work I have been putting in. It’s been wonderful.

However, there is no one person in the world who can constantly put in an enormous amount of effort in all aspects of their life at all times. It’s just impossible to maintain. And as I’m in a relationship, have family overseas, friendships to uphold, a full time job, and adult responsibilities, there is an infinite amount of things I could always be doing. I love working on my blog and spending time improving it, but sometimes I need a break. Or sometimes, I fall ill and I’m forced into one.

The past couple of weeks, I haven’t given my blog as much attention as I had been doing previously. I was only posting two posts a week compared to three. I wasn’t spending nearly as much time on Instagram engaging with other bloggers and users. Instead, I fell ill with a cold and was planning my boyfriend’s birthday week. We took some time off to travel to Southampton and Portsmouth. And when I’m travelling and busy seeing people, I don’t like to sit on my phone. In fact, I generally forget about my phone and realise when it’s too late that I should have taken a photo, or put something on my Insta story.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Being able to log off and spend time with your loved ones is incredibly important. Yes, the blog is also important. But for my sanity, I need to be able to take a break every once in a while. And to be fair, I hadn’t completely neglected my blog by any means during this time. I was just busy and not documenting my every move.


I wanted to write this post though because despite the fact that I was still putting up new content on both my blog and Instagram, I still lost a lot of followers on Instagram and noticed a large decline in my blog views during that two week period. I found this incredibly interesting.

I can’t tell you how many times last week I’d open up Instagram and say “Oh my god, I’ve been so bad at Instagram lately!” for my boyfriend to reply, “You’ve been ill and very busy. It’s fine.” And instead of just accepting that, inside I was going ballistic, freaking out and stressing out because I lost another 10 followers from the lack of activity on a social media site.

I have noticed quite of few bloggers and influencers have also been talking about this topic lately as well. You don’t get time off when you run a blog if you don’t want it to suffer. And it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your personal life. We feel the pressure to constantly keep it up.

And you may look at this and say oh you’re complaining? It’s your job. 

And yes, it is our job, but everyone needs a break from their job no matter how much they love it.

The problem is that in social media culture, we all feel the need to make everything look perfect. We spend an enormous amount of time taking the perfect pictures, editing them to look amazing, and putting up only the best ones. It makes us all look like we’re fictional characters living only in the Instagram world. In a way, we’re creating our own mess by doing that. Being real and showing your audience that you are human and the blog is only your job can help. That way, when you do fall ill or go on holiday, *hopefully* your followers would understand.

But this week, I’ve been wondering where you can draw the line and if there’s a happy medium you can reach when it comes to holidays, being ill, and needing a break from social media. And whether or not, you as followers are truly forgiving when it comes to that. I was really shocked at how many followers I lost just for a few weeks of a teeny bit less of activity than usual.

To be fair, my blog is quite young and I don’t have a giant following yet so maybe that has more to do with it?

Anyway, I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. Whether you’re a social media influencer, blogger, or something related, or you’re just enjoying Instagram, love to read up on blogs and watch vlogs. Have you ever found yourself unfollow someone because they hadn’t been that active on social media? Are you reluctant to follow someone if you notice before hand they’re not that active?

Let me know! Would love to get some dialogue on this.

Much Love