I Tried the Maybelline Tattoo Brow and This is What Happened

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There’s always a new beauty trend. And if it makes sense to me, or helps me in any way, I’ll usually try it. I’ve done the hair extensions thing, I’ve done ombre, I’ve done eyelash extensions (and currently have them on), and have been interested in eyebrow tinting. A lot of salons only charge £5-10, which is pretty cheap, especially if I’m just looking to try it out.

I did make an appointment with this salon around the corner from me but she had to cancel it due to someone making a schedule error. Since I couldn’t be bothered with going to get my patch test and then making another appointment, I decided to try my own thing at home.

I’ve heard a bit about the Maybelline Tattoo Brow so decided to give it a go.

Photo Feb 11, 1 40 19 PM_preview


And obviously before I waxed them as well… LOL woops.

Photo Feb 04, 11 59 25 AM

It was really easy to apply the formula. It looks like a paintbrush and I just free handed it onto my brows, exactly how I want them to look. I was putting this stuff on when D was out of the flat, and he came home just as I was done painting the tint on and he immediately goes, “WHAT DID YOU DO???? I liked your eyebrows!!!” It was a pretty funny reaction. I think he thought they would end up looking exactly like this.

Photo Feb 11, 1 41 10 PM_preview

While I waited the two hours for it to set, he could barely look at me without laughing. I actually forgot it was on while we were playing games, and absentmindedly went for an itch near my eyebrow and realised it had actually dried up.

So at the two hour mark, I went to the bathroom to take it off. The solution doesn’t really come with any instructions so I was confused about how to take it off. I didn’t want to use makeup remover, worried that it would just take everything off and leave my eyebrows looking the same as they did before.

I took a cotton ball and wet it with water from the tap and then just swiped it over my brows. This seemed to work fine.

Edit: After having written this post, I realised that on the actual bottle it says “peel-off.” So it’s very clear you’re supposed to peel the solution off. I do plan on trying it the right way as I assume I’ll have much better results. However, I do feel this is an indication of a few things. One, I’m an idiot. And two, they should have a little leaflet that clearly tells you what to do for other idiots like me who don’t read the bottle.


Photo Feb 11, 3 28 42 PM_preview

And yeah, I was really pleased with my results! My eyebrows looked fuller and a bit darker, but still very natural. I felt like I didn’t need to fill them in at all if I wanted to nip out anywhere. This may have lasted a full day like this. It definitely faded a lot faster than Maybelline promised (3 days). I liked it and would use it again, but I don’t know how beneficial it really is…

Edit: Since writing this post and the above edit when I realised I had done it wrong the first time around, I did the tattoo brow again and peeled the solution off after two hours. My final consensus is that I’m not a huge fan of this product. It seems like it’s a bit too much trouble than it’s worth. I actually think my results the first time around are better than the second time. It left a lot of tint on my actual skin so unless you put it on perfectly, it could end up looking a bit weird. I’m a much bigger fan of the natural looking brow versus the fake drawn on one that’s trending lately so I don’t think this product is worth the hassle!

In my opinion, the point of an eyebrow tint is to eliminate having to fill in your brows. The day after I did the tattoo brow, I still had to fill them in a bit. If the tattoo brow lasted for a full week, I would definitely think it was well worth it. I do want to try actual eyebrow tinting from a salon eventually to see how much better those results would be! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

Have you tried any cheap at home eyebrow tint kits that you could suggest? Looking for something that would last a lot longer and still leave me with natural-looking brows!

Much Love