Organise Your Foods By Jarring

Have you all noticed the intense craze that is jarring? As much as I won’t jar everything and start to home make all my sauces and jams, I still like the idea or organising your staple items in jars. It looks cleaner, and makes me feel like I have my shit together.

When I initially bought all the jars, I really didn’t have a clue what I was putting in each one. I figured when I organised the pantry, I would just figure it out. And I did, amazingly so. These items include:

  • Brown Rice
  • Self Raising Flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Plain Flour
  • Oats
  • Chia Seeds
  • Flaxmeal
  • Sweetener
  • Tea Bags
  • Popcorn

I chose a lot of items that get bought in bulk so that it would fill up the big jars like flour, brown rice, and oats. I use these all very regularly so it only made sense.

Photo Mar 25, 9 30 02 AM

I also wanted to include the healthy food I use in there as well because I tend to add chia seeds and flaxmeal to energy balls, smoothies, or my oatmeal.

Photo Mar 25, 9 28 29 AM

And I, of course, had to include sweetener in there as we already have our Coffee, Tea, and Sugar tins next to the coffee machine on the countertop. As I use only Stevia in my coffee, I wanted to have my sugar jarred too! 😛

And to be honest, I just put the popcorn and tea bags in the smallest jars because I didn’t know what else to put in them.

I manged to fit these all in the pantry when I reorganised it and I will have to say that I’m quite happy with it. It looks much nicer and tidier.

Photo Mar 25, 9 25 53 AM

I have an order from Tropeaka on it’s way here with some powders that I would really like to eventually jar. However, I don’t think we really have the space. Thankfully their packaging is very nice to look at anyway. And I plan to store it with my supplements anyway so no one will see it. I’m probably just being anal, as always.

I still have 3 mason jars that I use for smoothies, shakes, or my overnight oats.

Are there any tips you have that you can share with me? Where you do guys all get your jars from? I bought mine from Amazon here if you’re interested. I wanted the ones you can label with chalk, because yeah I’mma blogger 🙂

Much Love