A Wellness Journey: Week 9

As most of you will all know by now, my parents came over to visit during Week 9. As I knew that we’d be constantly drinking and eating whatever foods we wanted, I made sure to start the week off really well as far as foods and workouts go. But then I also didn’t want to beat myself up for having a good time and enjoying eating yummy foods later on in the week. I focused this week on balance and being guilt free for enjoying myself.


We did a giant food shop on the Sunday before Week 9 so I was ready to meal prep like crazy. I made the Tandoori Chicken recipe for dinner for the week. And then I made myself the Pumpkin Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds for breakfast for the beginning half of the week. And on top of that, I also meal prepped some tuna with celery and onions for lunch. Of course, with a naan bread and Moroccan hummus. I was determined to eat very healthy as long as I could as I knew Thursday night was going to be a big cheat as well as the rest of the weekend.

On Friday and Saturday, we were out in London eating Mexican, and various British foods. To be quite honest, my diet wasn’t too horrible. I had chicken tacos, a chicken roast, and fish and chips.

Obviously as Sunday was Easter, I made a brunch for everyone which included an egg scramble, hash browns, toast, bacon, and sausages. Then we drove down to Southampton to meet D’s family for dinner and I ate a burger at Frankie & Benny’s. Which, I’ll be honest, wasn’t very good.

Although, I did manage to eat a lot of french fries over the weekend. If I’m going to be cheating, I’m going to eat as many fries as possible. You guys know how I am 😛


Even though I got no sleep, I somehow motivated myself to get up early Monday morning for a workout. I noticed that in Week 9, the BBG app changes a bit. It goes from Legs, Arms & Abs, and Full Body resistance training to Legs, Arms, and Abs. This means that Arms and Abs get their own half hour training sesh. Needless to say, I was nervous. But I started the week off trying out the Abs one and holy crap was it good and focused. As the day was quite nice, I decided to walk toward’s D’s work building after work and met him along the way so I was able to get an extra bit of cardio in.

Because I did double on Monday and I was so sore and knackered from the workout, I didn’t workout on Tuesday.

However, I had to work from home on Wednesday as I was waiting for our coffee table to be delivered so I did the Legs workout in the morning. It was quite tough so I made sure to use the foam roller afterwards as I knew my legs would be dead after that.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we walked a total of around 12 miles. Every bit of my body was feeling this. And as I didn’t really have the time to get the last resistance workout in, I definitely made up for it in cardio with all the walking we did.

I think I spent the entire week nursing sore and achy muscles from all the workouts and walking so I feel quite good about all of that.

Week 9 Tip

Even though I’m not technically on a vacation, I am still on holiday mode. As I am doing this wellness journey to get myself into a better frame of mind and physical fitness, I am using these weeks as a chance to test myself. I think I’ve done quite well. I am definitely moving my body a lot, I am eating how I want to, I am drinking mostly vodka sodas (which does help quite a bit), and I am just enjoying my time with my parents.

I woke up feeling quite good today so decided to measure myself even though I have been eating and drinking like crazy and I am still down a few inches from the week before. If this tells me anything, it was that I was right in the fact I needed to add more cardio to my fitness routine.

Aa far as the Week 9 Tip goes, my advice to you is that it’s good to test yourself. If you have a wedding, or a weekend away, or anything that involves going out and drinking and away from your normal routine, use that time to see how you get on with everything. Remember that balance is key. If you can get through that without feeling guilty from enjoying yourself, then you’re on the right track.

Hope you’re all getting on okay with your wellness journeys. I’m seriously enjoying it and can’t wait to keep it up and get back at it after holiday mode is over!

Much Love