Spring Cleaning + Organising My Home

I am obsessed with having a clean home. I hate clutter, it makes me so uncomfortable. And I can’t properly work or relax unless I feel comfortable. I think I have clutter induced anxiety. Is this a real thing? I don’t know. But that is what it feels like.

I was told the other day that I’m a perfectionist. I never thought I was because there are so many things that I don’t strive to be perfect at. Math is one example of that. And I’m okay with being average at a lot of things I don’t want to waste my time and energy on. But when it comes to my blog, the food I eat, and my space I live and work in, I do tend to want everything to be perfect and I have been known to get very crazy if it’s not.

I clean the flat basically every weekend. Every day, I make sure to do little bits here and there to keep it tidy, but there are some places I have neglected. As my parents were coming to visit, and it was nearly Spring time, I decided to do a deep clean of the flat. I wanted to go through basically all the cabinets and clean everything out. My main goal was to reorganise everything and throw out things we don’t need anymore.

I decided to show you a few before and after photos for some Spring Cleaning Inspo. And I also wanted to include some tips to help you clean out your home and make room for more stuff! Fun times, I know. I didn’t manage to take a lot of Before photos as I got so focused on what I was doing. However, I do have quite a few After photos that will give you a little sneak peak of our flat.

I am still planning on doing a full Tour of the Flat blog or vlog once we have everything situated, but there is still a lit bit left to do. I’d say it’s about 90% finished though and I am feeling SO GOOD about that, you have no idea.

Before and Afters

Bathroom Cabinet


My main goal for this cabinet was to reorganise everything in a way that made sense, make enough room to give D a drawer as I promised him this months ago but never got around to it… Sorry babe. And we also had two medicine type drawers. One was in here and the other was in the en-suite bathroom. As that didn’t make sense, I wanted to have both of them here together.

I realise it looks like I mainly just moved mess around, and in a lot of way, that’s all organising is, but I did manage to get rid a lot of stuff. In my eyes, this cabinet looks and feels 1000x better.

Tip: When you’re thinking about keeping something versus throwing it out, the first thing I do is try to remember the last time I used it. If it was over a year ago, it’s going in the bin. If there’s something I completely forgot I had and really hadn’t missed it, it’s usually going into the bin. I know there are some people out there who have a hard time getting rid of stuff, but it’s essential to do every now and again. So prioritise what you need versus what you can do without.

Kitchen Pantry

When we first moved into the flat, the first pieces of furniture I wanted for the kitchen was an island and a pantry. I convinced D these were essential for me. And I’m glad I did because the island has proved to be uber important and the pantry has been a lifesaver. We basically just found a bookshelf from IKEA that looked sturdy and had drawers to hide the ugly stuff. Basically, the kitchen cabinets only have dishware in them, except for one that houses all my HUM supplements. This pantry is where we keep all our dry food and alcohol. It’s very important.

And because I bake both healthy and not so healthy foods, and make loads of different kinds of foods, we have a shit ton of spices, condiments, and just everything. The pantry quickly got crazy and messy and super ugly. I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.

My main goal for this was to firstly dump everything I constantly use into cute labeled jars, then I took everything off of the shelves, cleaned the shelves, threw out the crap we didn’t need or use or had gone off, and then sat there and stared at the pantry for 20 minutes.

My entire body relaxed once I saw the end result. And now I’ll have to try extra hard to make sure I don’t mess it up again any time soon.

Sneak Peak of the Flat

Photo Mar 25, 9 41 46 AMPhoto Mar 25, 9 42 02 AMPhoto Mar 25, 9 43 49 AM

Hopefully I have given you some inspiration to clean out your home. I find that it’s not only important to do every now and then, but also necessary. It’s amazing how much clutter can build up over the course of a few months. And there is a lot of stuff that does not need to be kept in the house.

My anxiety slowly left my body once we were finished with it all. Everything in our flat now has a proper place. It is a very satisfying feeling. After around 16 hours of cleaning, it is finally ready!

Have I convinced you to clean our your house? If so, are they any tips you’d like to share?

Much Love