The Time My Parents Visited London

For the last 9 weeks, my Monday blog posts have been my Wellness Journey Updates. So it is a bit weird for me that today I am not posting a Wellness Journey blog post. Instead, I wanted to do a post about my time spent with my parents for the last week and half for those of you who may be interested.

In this blog post, you will see some pictures of our time together, ideas for places to eat in London, and mini reviews for a lot of the things we did in London together.

We had an absolutely amazing time and were constantly busy. Quite honestly, I feel like I could sleep for a week. However, if I could go back, I’d do it exactly the same way again.

When we picked them up from the airport on Thursday, we initially took them to Tesco so they could get some snacks and water bottles for the hotel. Then I showed them how to use the train to get to our flat and gave them the tour of our home. They loved it, which I was very happy about. And then we headed off to TopGolf in Chigwell for some fun games and really good food. We ordered a feast as we were all so hungry. We took them back to the hotel after that so they could get a good rest for the next day.

We got up in the morning on Friday and went to the Stratford Slide – The ArcerlorMittal Orbit and actually slid down. It is the tallest slide in the world and you get beautiful views of London from the top all the way down. Afterwards, we went to Wahaca, a very yummy Mexican restaurant in Stratford and started our day drinking. Later that night, I had planned for my parents to meet all my friends. Most of them couldn’t make it, or cancelled, so it was just my best friend from work who came out and oh my god! was it amazing! We had dinner at Blixen which was fantastic, and then basically spent the rest of the night at Dirty Dicks (pehehe), which is a pub right outside of Liverpool St Station. We had a blast. It was one of my favourite nights of the entire week. We were dying of laughter the entire time and ended the night with a McDonald’s on the train back and eventually crashed at 3am.

Photo Mar 30, 11 11 13 AM (1)

Luckily, we were able to sleep in a bit on Saturday, but we did have to get ready as we had tickets to tour the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, the entire universe was there and the Crown Jewels had a line that I could only imagine would take 3 hours to get through so we didn’t get to see it. Instead, we tried to find a pub to get dinner before our Jack the Ripper Pub Tour we had later at 7pm. We met outside a pub in Whitechapel and began the tour. It was the coolest thing! The guy who gave it to us used to be a detective and had obviously studied the whole Jack the Ripper case very well. We were taken all along the spots he reportedly murdered the women and shown pictures of crime scenes, and we were all so impressed. Our tour guide was brilliant. Because most of the people didn’t show up, it was just us 4 and another Scottish guy on the tour so it was much more personalised. This was probably my second favourite night. We ended up back at Dirty Dicks, of course, before we all got the train home.

Photo Mar 31, 4 14 12 PM

As Sunday was Easter, I made brunch at our flat for everyone before we departed to Southampton for an afternoon meal with D’s family. It was probably the only time we could have gotten everyone to meet each other and it couldn’t have gone better. It was so much fun. Food? Not so great. It’s the second time I’ve been to Frankie & Benny’s and I’ve never been much impressed by their food. Pub food is better than theirs. Although, we weren’t out for a gourmet meal anyway, so it’s no big deal. However, just a warning to those of you not to expect anything super exciting there.

Photo Apr 01, 11 39 25 AM

After the craziness of the first four days, we decided to have a rest day. We all just hung out at our flat, had some drinks and played games. We wanted to show my mom and dad our local pub so we walked over there for a few drinks in the late afternoon. I ordered an Indian feast so my parents could finally know why I was always raving about the curries over here. On our way back to the flat, my mom tripped and fell and ended up breaking her foot. Also, on her way down, she smashed a bottle of wine, which was also a terrible tragedy.

On Tuesday morning, my parents were talking about going to the hospital to get my mom’s foot looked at as it had been swelling up all night. D left work to take them to the hospital but there was going to be a 4-5 hour wait. We ended up just going to Argos to buy her crutches to help her walk better. We had dinner reservations at SUSHISAMBA and Book of Mormon tickets later that night so we needed to make sure she could get around well enough. Our dinner was insanely good. I don’t think anyone could ever be disappointed by SUSHISAMBA. That is, unless you weren’t planning on spending money because it is expensive. You don’t go there with an empty wallet, that’s for sure. Thankfully the people at the theatre were also very accomodating and tried their best to help my mom out with getting around. And the show was even better. We spent the entire time in stitches we were laughing so hard. I would highly recommend that show to anyone who loves a good laugh and isn’t going to be offended by religious humour.

Photo Apr 03, 4 39 45 PMPhoto Apr 03, 6 58 14 PM

Wednesday, we had a bit of a lie in as all the activities were starting to catch up to us. We had tickets at Madame Tussaud’s at 3pm and wanted to get lunch before that. So we went into West London and had lunch at a pub just down the road from the wax museum. I couldn’t believe the amount of people they let inside at once. And you could never get away from it. It took us forever to get through and that was mainly because of the crowds. Also, they designed the building so you’re constantly walking up and down stairs which made it enormously difficult for my poor mom to get around. Let’s just say I have no desire to go back there. We had plans to get dinner with another friend of mine that night. I made reservations at a local pub called The Shepherd & Dog which D and I had been to before. It was very very good. It’s quite expensive for pub fare, but the food is extremely tasty. I definitely think we’ll be heading back there for date nights in the future as we all really enjoyed our meals.

My mom and dad went back to the hospital Thursday morning to see if they could get my mom fitted for a boot as she had only been wearing one of my UGG boots and needed more support. They took an X-ray and confirmed it was fractured. We waited for D to get out of work and come home and then went out to Covent Garden to get some drinks before our dinner reservations. We went to Punch & Judy and sat outside as the sun finally came out and the weather was beautiful. We were there for a few hours then walked to Sarastro’s which was just around the corner. I actually want to do a seperate post on Sarastro’s as it was just so insanely good so you’ll have to wait for those details. We had tickets to see Phantom of the Opera, which is my parent’s favourite broadway show, later on. As some of you may know, D is 6’7″ so he is a very very tall dude. And the seats in that theatre were freaking tiny. There was absolutely no leg room. He actually had to sit sideways and use up all of my leg space to fit. And then I had to sit sideways because he was in all my space. It wasn’t good. So at intermission, he asked a member of staff if there was a more comfortable seat he could sit in. They just ended up putting us in one of those Royal Boxes and gave us front row seats to the show. We were basically on stage with the actors. As I wasn’t a really big fan of the Phantom of the Opera show, I will have to say that it was amazing to be seated that close. The second half of the show was much more interesting and engaging as we were basically in the middle of the action.

Photo Apr 05, 3 29 33 PM

Photo Apr 05, 10 05 57 PM

As Friday was our last day, I thought it would be nice to get back out to London once more. We went to Harrod’s as my mom requested that and spent most of our time in the food hall. Then we went to the South Bank to the Founder’s Arms pub and had a drink. I would have liked to go for a long walk so they could see the sights. It was another gorgeous day and it would have been so nice to do that but unfortunately that would not have been a comfortable walk for my mom so we’ll have to save that for next time. We got the train back home where D made his famous Spaghetti Bolognese for my mom and dad and we had another game night to wrap up the trip.

Photo Apr 06, 2 39 50 PM

We dropped them off at the airport on Saturday morning and then came home and basically did not get off of the couch for 8 straight hours. We watched an entire season of the Great British Bake Off and ordered in food because we couldn’t be bothered with anything else.

I mean what a fun nine days we had together. And we did soooo many things. When I had initially planned out the trip, I didn’t think I had packed everything in so much but when we executed the plans, it was definitely jam packed. Although, we did everything we all wanted to do, drank soooooo much alcohol, ate a lot of good food, and spent a ton of money. I’d say that’s the description of a very successful holiday!

And now I probably won’t go into London for another month or two as I have seen too much of it!

Also, I mentioned that there wasn’t going to be a Wellness post today because I didn’t try to stick to my usual last week. I walked somewhere between 3 and 6 miles a day, but I didn’t do my BBG workouts or try hard to eat well. I was just enjoying my time with my parents. Therefore, I’ve decided to continue with Week 10 this week so that by the end of April, I will have finished the 12 Week BBG Challenge. I am possibly considering trying a new workout routine as well but still have some research to do with that so I will definitely keep you all updated on what I decide!

Much Love