My Five Favorite Things About London

With the ending of my Wellness Journey posts every Monday, I feel like I need to launch a new series. So welcome to Friday Favourites!

Each Friday, I will change the topic, but it will always be some of my favourite things.

To start off this series, I am going to write about my FIVE Favourite Things about London.

As a kid, London always seemed so appealing to me. It was a big city with a lot of opportunities. Not to mention, a lot of really cool accents. Now that I’m older and actually living here, it’s still the same. And also so much more. London may be insanely expensive, but it’s full of amazing history, a diverse amount of people, spectacular food, and an endless amount of events.

I’ve decided to do these in reverse order for artistic and suspenseful results…..

5. It’s Rich in History. 

One of my favourite things about all of Europe is how well they preserve their history, and London is no exception. Literally anywhere you go, there is a story. I love the beautiful architecture: the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and all the amazing apartment buildings around Hyde Park. We went on a Jack the Ripper Tour when my parents were in town and the guide gave us a ton of information about what the East End was like back in the 1800s. He even showed us some buildings that were built back then that are being used for the exact same thing now. It was absolutely fascinating. London is basically a library in and of itself and with a lot of the museums being free to enter, there’s no excuse not to go and learn more!

Photo Jan 13, 3 45 36 PM
British Museum
4. Opportunities are Endless. 

You can be anything and anyone you want in London. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, what religion, what job you have. To me, that’s absolutely inspiring. You have no excuse but to be exactly who you are. There’s so many people that it just doesn’t matter. And because there are so many different things to do and places to go, this is a place that you can never claim boredom. I can just take the train and walk around the city taking pictures and that can take up an entire afternoon. You can always find an event taking place and a lot of the time it’s free or only a few pounds to enter.

Photo Apr 10, 3 50 06 PM
Admiralty Arch
3. You Can Find Everything Here. 

And yes, I mean everything. If you want the tallest slide in the world, it’s 30 minutes from me. If you want food, you need only walk a few steps and you’ll find loads to choose from. If you want a live concert, there’s a bunch of different stadiums and even pubs and bars that have live music. If you like sports, there’s football all over the place, and a thousand golf courses. If you want to learn, there’s universities and libraries and museums to do so. If you desperately want a good workout, there are gyms all over the place. And if you can’t afford one, you can walk. run, or do your workouts in the multitude of parks. It has everything.

One thing I was worried about when I moved here was that I’d have to try and get used to all different makeup and skincare products, and different foods and clothing brands. I was thrown into a completely new culture. But coming to London made it so easy. Yes, I had to do all those things, but I still can find everything I love.

Photo Mar 30, 11 11 13 AM
ArcelorMittal Orbit, the tallest and longest slide in the world
2. The Vast Amounts of Different and Insanely Amazing Food. 

Food had to be at the top of my list because ER MAH GAWD. The food in London is ridiculous. Everything is here. American. Mexican. Spanish. Indian. Japanese. Chinese. British. Greek. Turkish. Belgian. Literally anything you want you can have. And it’s all sooooo good. I probably spend most of my money on food here because it’s just so worth it. I fell in love with Indian cuisine when I came here. There was a time when I was eating curries 3 times a week because I just couldn’t get enough of the flavours. It’s so hard to eat clean here because there’s just so many options and opportunities to eat everything else.

Photo Apr 03, 4 39 45 PM (1)
Inside Sushisamba, a Japanese restaurant located on the 38th floor of Heron Tower, with insanely good food
1. It Was Our First Home. 

There’s just no way this couldn’t be my number one reason for loving London. It’ll always have a place in our hearts because it’s where we first lived together. Getting our flat and decorating it together has been such an amazing journey for us. We’re close enough to work, close to a lot of the main airports, close to the city centre, and able to get around England pretty easily to visit D’s family who are located in every which way. We always have the opportunity to go do something, anything we want. We can meet friends for a night out, go to dinner just the two of us, or just stay in and watch movies as we love our flat so much. I will never not have an intense amount of love for London. It’ll always have a permanent place in my heart.

Photo Aug 04, 2 15 32 PM (1)
Entrance to our flat building <3

For those of you who live in London, what is your absolute favourite thing about it? If there’s something in your top 5 that you would have put on this list, what would it be??

Much Love