London Cafes: Paper & Cup

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice and cozy cafe. Back before I moved to the UK, I used to go to a local cafe every Saturday or Sunday and work on my blog. I loved these mornings because I figured out the right time to get there to secure myself a good table. I’d get a drink and sit there for a few hours listening to music and working on my computer.

So it’s definitely something I miss doing. Although, I do think I’ve done a nice job of making my flat a place I genuinely want to hang out in and work on my blog there. And it does save a lot of money and time.

However, going somewhere else with the sole intention of working on my blog does help me get a lot more work done. It eliminates distractions and gives me a few focused hours.

And I love finding small business cafes where I can get comfy and cozy and spend a few hours on a weekend morning. Therefore, I am beginning the London Cafe Series where I will try out new cafes around London, try their coffee, and judge if it’s a good place to work.

And the first one I tried is called Paper & Cup. I’ve seen this all over Instagram and as it’s located in Shoreditch, one of my absolute favourite places in London, I knew I needed to make this one the first to try out.

I ordered an Americano with soya, which is my go to drink lately. Americanos are generally decently cheap, much less than a latte. It was only £2 at Paper & Cup, which is a great price for a cup of coffee in a London cafe, I think.

Photo Apr 28, 11 37 05 AM

It’s a really really small cafe. There were about 4 tables to sit down inside with a bar set up on either side of the windows inside which is where I sat. And then there were two tables outside of the coffee shop. If it had been a nice day, I would have loved to sit outside but unfortunately it started to rain when I got there.

They deliver the coffee straight to your table which was nice. I didn’t ask for sugar and I was a bit nervous as Americanos can be bitter without a little bit of sweetener. But not this one. It wasn’t scorching hot when delivered so I could drink it immediately. And it was so smooth. Honestly, I wanted to order another one. But as I had yet to eat anything all day, I knew another coffee would have given me the shakes and I needed to get on my way to get some food. I had a plan and I was determined.

I didn’t stay long, just long enough to drink my coffee and take some pictures. I did notice that their entire left side wall is filled with books you can purchase while sitting there. What a lovely idea! On a rainy Saturday, who wouldn’t want to come to their local coffee shop and sit there with a book and only spend a few pounds?? Now this is exactly what I love about big cities – finding places like this where you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money but can still enjoy city life.

I do, however, wish it was a little bit larger so that I wouldn’t feel bad bringing my laptop there to work and enjoy a nice morning or afternoon. Unfortunately with it being so small, I would feel really rude taking up an entire table to myself and sitting there for hours with a £2 coffee. Although, it would be a lovely place to meet a friend for a catch up so I will definitely be returning.

Are there any coffee shops you think I need to check out in London? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love