Nespresso Coffee Machine Review

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Recently after moving in to our flat, we woke up on a Sunday morning to discover D’s coffee machine had at last seen its last days. We looked up some coffee makers online to see what we wanted to get next. I had mentioned that the Nespresso machine I used at work made really nice coffee so D looked it up and saw that there was a deal on it.

He set off on a mission to find one, but basically every shop was out of stock. To make a long story short, after about two hours of driving, he finally found one – one that matched the decor in the kitchen, I have to add – and brought it home.

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It’s sleek looking and very easy to work. The actual Nespresso pods that go with it can only be bought online or in one of their shops. And, of course, they are quite expensive. The machine came with some testers, and I won’t lie, the coffee is really nice and smooth.

Although, we buy the Starbucks capsules for D and I get the Lor ones as those are my favourite. And we can find them at Tesco for 3 pounds – which is not bad at all. It usually lasts me a week or two.

I’m not addicted to coffee by any means but I do like to have a cup in the morning. If I don’t get a cup, I don’t get the shakes or get angry, and there are some days I just forget about it. However, on weekends, I do quite like waking up in the morning and making myself a cup of coffee while I check up on emails, texts, and social media. Just like how people used to have a cup while reading the newspaper. It’s a very nice and relaxing way to wake up.

We love this coffee machine, honestly. The cups of coffee are a little bit smaller because it’s made for espresso. But we buy the lungo cups which means you can add more water to it so that it makes a larger cup.

Photo May 13, 10 08 49 AM

You just add the capsule to the top and press the lungo button which is the one furthest away.

Photo May 13, 10 09 23 AM


And then it brews! I usually press the middle one as well to get a little more water added to it. I take my coffee with a tiny bit of sweetener and some almond milk (or soya).

Photo May 13, 10 10 56 AM

I prefer almond milk, but we have soya at work and it’s actually free in coffee shops here in the UK to ask for soya instead of regular milk whereas you’d have to pay extra for almond milk. I just don’t want dairy so I’m not too terribly fussy about the milk substitute.

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Another thing I love about this machine is that the coffee isn’t too hot when it’s done brewing. You can add what you want to it and then immediately start drinking it. However, it does go colder faster so you have to drink it quickly, but I love this aspect. When I make a cup of coffee, I don’t really want to wait 30 minutes before drinking it. I want it right away. With the Nespresso machine, you can get it.

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If you’re looking for a new coffee machine, or will be in the future, you should definitely consider this one. It may not be the cheapest option on the market, but it really is worth it. You will love the coffee you get out of it!

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Much Love