May Outfit of the Day

It feels like it’s been a thousand years since I’ve done an outfit of the day post.

I really wouldn’t consider myself highly into fashion by any means. I like to wear cute and comfortable clothes. I live in leggings and if you’re around me enough, you know this to be totally accurate. A very small part of me wishes I cared more and put more effort into my outfits, but there’s a bigger part of me that’s like “nope.”

I love stylish t-shirts. I love the way they feel and look. I love that you can dress them up and down. I especially love ones that are flattering. It’s always a nice find.

I found this one on ASOS. I just wanted to get a few cheap things for Spring and loved the way this looked. I pictured this exact outfit when I saw this shirt.


To be fair, I pictured black jeans with this look, but I was walking all around London this day so I opted for leggings – shocker!


And these black booties are the best. They’re suede-like and are actually comfortable enough to walk around London in, even with a slight heel on them. Also from ASOS because duh.


I really loved this outfit. I was comfortable and felt pretty cute. And that basically describes my wardrobe to a T.

Anyway, if you want the outfit details, links can be found below!

T-shirt: Link here

Shoes: Link here

Much Love