Camden Market

Pictures of Camden Market are all over social media, especially the ‘gram. If you follow any London based accounts, chances are you’ve seen a picture from there. It’s a very popular tourist destination, which is partly why it took me so long to get there. I’m generally not in the mood to actively go places where I know there will be loads of crowds and people in my way. However, the food here looked so good that I was getting desperate to try it.

So one Saturday, I decided to venture out of the flat and head over to West London. It took me a little over an hour to get there altogether, but I made some stops on the way as I was devoting this entire day to getting content for the blog. Unfortunately it was a rainy day so I spent the entire time at Camden Market being spat on from the sky.

To be quite frank with you all, I went to Camden Market specifically for the Mac Factory. I had seen loads of pictures online and it looked so good, I knew I had to try it. As they have an actual restaurant, I wanted to try the stall in Camden Market so that I could experience other things as well.


I knew there would be people everywhere, but holy crap. I really didn’t expect this. Especially since it wasn’t even a nice day. Aren’t there more inside stuff for these people to do?!?! Museums are free people, go do that!

When you get in, there are stalls everywhere. Literally everywhere. Most of it is food based, but the more you walk around, the more you can see that there are opportunities for other things.

As I had yet to eat anything all day, I was only on a mission for food. I walked around the stalls until I finally found it.

The Mac Factory, in all its glory.


I ordered the chili mac as that sounded really yummy to me, although there were others I was tempted to try as well. I only waited for a few minutes as there were a couple people ahead of me that had ordered first. And then they called out my number.

Of course, I had to head to an alley way where there weren’t people around so I could take pictures, because #bloggerlife.


Looks insane, eh? And for £6, it better f*ckin be!

So they make a base of their classic mac n cheese, and then they add stuff on top to make it a special one, so once you get through the top part, it gets a bit boring in my opinion. I ate half of it. And it was good and tasty, I can’t lie. The bottom was so creamy and cheesy, and I think most people are totally into that. I, however, don’t like my mac n cheese to be overly creamy. So I threw it away after I got through half of it.

I wanted to try something else and I needed to save stomach space, anyway.

I was interested in so many different things, but I was afraid that all of them were going to be a bit too big for me to eat as I already had half a pot of mac n cheese, so I just ordered some fries from the hot dog stall.


I hate to say this, but these were terrible. They had the potential to be much better, but they were so underdone. I had maybe 10 before I threw them away, which was about £3 worth of french fries. Like I would have been much happier for the £1.50 fries I get from McDonald’s so that was very disappointing.

In an attempt to possibly try some Insta worthy dessert, I walked around the corner and saw this massive donut cart. I walked around it about 13 times trying to actually see what donuts they had to offer. I was about to buy a few to take home for D and I to eat the next day.  But D is highly allergic to chocolate, there was no guarantee that any of them hadn’t come into contact with chocolate and I really didn’t want to risk it and end up killing my boyfriend.


I got a good picture of it though and then tried walking into an ice cream shop. It was too cold for ice cream but I had the “when in Rome” mindset. Unfortunately, they only accepted cash and I very rarely go out in London carrying cash.

I’ve seen online that there’s a place you can get these really yummy looking churros but when I google mapped where it was, it said it was 1/2 mile in the opposite direction of where I was going so I just gave up and walked back to the train station.

Had it been a nice and sunny day and I was with friends, I think it may have been a more enjoyable experience. But with the level of tourists, the rain, and the prices of the food, I just didn’t think it was all that worth it.

With that being said, I do want to go back and try one of the Indian stalls because the wraps and smells that came from those spots looked insane. So if I ever go back, I’ll be sure to show you all a picture of what I get. As is tradition 🙂

For those of you who have been to Camden Market, how do you feel about it? And what is your favourite thing you’ve gotten there?

For those of you who haven’t, is this a place you want to try out in London? Comment below!

Much Love