My 9 Favourite Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following Already

Well I don’t know about you, but I spend a significant amount of time on Instagram. I really started getting into it when I launched my blog as I post on it daily. Since then, I have found so many inspiring and amazing women to follow. And all of these people have influenced me in so many ways. Ranging from buying products they love to making their recipes to becoming a much better and confident blogger. So for today’s #FridayFavourites, I’ve decided to share my 9 favourite Instagram accounts that I can’t get enough of. Go take a look at their content and give them a follow if you don’t already.

Sarah’s Day




This girl is basically one of my best friends. Or, at least, it feels like we would be. She has influenced me more than any other blogger/vlogger/influencer out there. She’s inspired me to gain a better relationship with food and healthy eating. I bought her fitness ebook and love her workouts. Not only that, but she has a podcast with her boyfriend and I love their dynamic as it reminds me of my own with my boyfriend. It is genuinely a joy to watch her vlogs and listen to their podcast episodes. They inspire me to keep pursuing my dream of being a full-time blogger and content creator as they are living proof of what I want my future to look like. You can feel their happiness radiate from their Instagrams, websites, and voices and it’s infectious.


It’s a shame that she lives in Australia because she is probably one of the only people I would have actually considered going to a meet up for.

Ambitious Kitchen





You all already know how many of her recipes I love. I never stop talking about them, or making them, for that matter. She is insanely talented and runs a fantastic Instagram page. Not only does she post beautiful pictures of food, but she also is starting her own décor company, Ambitious Home, with her new husband. She posts regularly about body positivity and organic skincare products which we all know I love. I always look forward to her posts and wish I had the money to buy the meal plan she created with FitFoodieFinds (below) for the Healthy Glow Co. Definitely check her stuff out if you haven’t already. She’s the absolute definition of a boss babe.


The Salty Blonde





I bet many of you already follow her. She is infamous for the “adjusting the bikini” picture. She always has the most amazing outfits, the perfect beach hair, and somehow is constantly eating pizza but stays beautifully skinny. No idea what her trick is or how she does it but her feed is fabulous and full of gorgeous pictures of her on the beach. If I’m being honest with you, I want her life. She lives in Hawaii and just goes to the beach basically every day. Like WAT. She also lets her sense of humour show quite a bit especially on her stories so it makes it very entertaining to follow her content.


Jess Hamilton






This girl is all about the fashion. She gets gorgeous pictures around London in some amazing outfits. Like I wish my life consisted of cute outfits and having someone follow me around to take great pictures of me. Anyway, her feed is beautiful. It’s full of fashion, food, and travel. There’s just something about her content that I get really inspired by. Go check her page out.





So I found this girl’s blog and Instagram through Ambitious Kitchen’s as these two are friends and business partners. I haven’t made a whole lot of the FitFoodieFinds recipes, but the few I have made I definitely really liked. I actually have become obsessed with the chocolate covered strawberry overnight oats. It has been my breakfast for weeks. The main reason I love her Instagram so much is that you can tell that she loves to have fun. Her assistant and her are always posting on her stories of them working, and the behind the scenes stuff, and it’s quite entertaining to watch. She also is open about her past struggles with ED and talks body positivity often. I always find the women who use their platform to open up about their struggles and issues with other girls out there to be so inspiring. It’s a hard thing to do. Also she wears really cute outfits.


Kale Me Maybe





I’m actually kicking myself right now because this Instagram makes me salivate. It’s basically all pictures of the best looking healthy food ever and I have yet to try a recipe. I think I found this Instagram from the explore page. I kept liking all the food pictures so eventually started to follow and I’m glad I did. You need to go look at her page. Like it makes me crave healthy food, which is a new thing for me. I will keep you all updated as I have now convinced myself to make one of her recipes next week. This needs to happen. I mean LOOK.


My Better Self






This girl is freakin’ adorable. Her following has skyrocketed in the last year. From making her own recipes that she shares on her page to sharing workouts, she’s definitely someone you want to follow. She is all about the healthy lifestyle and body positivity. She’s French and has a twin sister and somehow manages to keep up with her social media life as well as being a student and translating all of her content from French to English. I’m not sure how she manages it all, but she’s kicking ass.


My Life’s a Travel Movie



Back when I started finding travel bloggers to follow, this was the first one I came across. She’s an American who has spent the last 4 or 5 years traveling around the world. I think she’s been to every country now. If not, almost every country. She travels on a low budget and creates tons of content. I have no idea how she manages constantly being on the move and also providing the exceptional content, and freakin’ kick ass figure that she does. Also, the majority of her pictures are taken with a selfie stick, drone, or camera with a tripod. I am insanely jealous of the confidence she has to do this in very public places and hope I’ll get there eventually. She’s such an inspiration. She has a way of making every place she goes look stunning. If you’re interested in travel pictures or travel blogging, go check her feed out.


Jenna Kutcher






Guilty as charged. I started following this girl when the media body shamed her for being married to a man with a 6-pack. I went to her profile and fell in love with her posts so I immediately followed her. She confidently posts pictures of herself in her bra and underwear and swimsuits which is something I don’t think I could do. Her acceptance of herself gives me the courage to accept myself more.


As you can probably tell, I’ve been very interested in healthy, wellness, skincare, food, and body positivity. It’s all very relevant for me right now so I like to follow women who preach and post all about those subjects.

If you genuinely think you’d like any of these stunning women’s content, definitely go give them a follow and see for yourself. All of their usernames underneath the headers are clickable to their Instagram pages.

If you have any suggestions for lovely ladies in the Insta world you think I should follow, please send their usernames my way. I’m always looking for more inspiration!

Much Love