Champagne Afternoon Tea in Soho

After living in London for close to a year, you’d think that I would have tried all different aspects of British culture. As I’ve done a few things, surprisingly, I had yet to try afternoon tea. Thankfully, we got a voucher from D’s sister for Christmas to try it at a hotel in Soho. So this past weekend, we made a booking and ventured into London for a British delicacy.

I had always thought that Afternoon Tea was a way of life over here in England. But I soon found out that it only became a thing in the 1800s when the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, needed to eat between lunch and dinner as she was too hungry to wait for her next meal.

I feel like her and I would have made great friends.

Even though it hasn’t been part of the British culture for very long, it’s still very widely known and a fun thing to do every once in awhile. I still had to try it.


Luckily the one we got was a Champagne Afternoon Tea, which means that as we arrived, we were given a glass of Champagne. Except I’m pretty sure this place actually served us Prosecco instead #budgetcuts?


Regardless, it was alcohol and I still enjoyed it.

Then they gave us the menu which showed us everything they would feed us and gave us a choice of what hot drink we wanted. As I’ve never latched on to tea very much, I chose coffee. I realise now how ironic it is that I went to my first Champagne Afternoon Tea, which for me was actually Prosecco Afternoon Coffee. Maybe this is going to be the American version??? LOL


After we got our hot drinks, they finally came round with the food. There was a nice selection of sandwiches which we devoured first. Neither of us had eaten yet so we were starving. The smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese one was my favourite. But then they offered a roast chicken with pesto and sun dried tomato and those flavours were insanely tasty. I can’t ever get enough of pesto.


After the sandwiches, we made our way through the dessert, starting off with scones. In the UK, you’re supposed to cut a scone in half then put on clotted cream and jam. There’s a huge debate over whether the clotted cream or jam goes on first. After trying it myself, I’ve decided that the clotted cream definitely should go on before the jam. And also that oh my god, it was so good. I’m shocked at how much I enjoyed those.


Look at my face, I was in heaven.

To be honest, after those sandwiches and the scones, nothing else was that great. However, I did get a delicious pistachio macaron which I am also now a big fan of.


I started to get a bit too full at this point so only had bites of the rest of it and wasn’t too enthused with anything else to feel like I needed to finish it.

However, I do have to say that I definitely want to do Afternoon Tea again. As I’ve heard a LOT about Sketch, a really posh and famous place to get Champagne Afternoon Tea in London, I think I’ll have to go there next time. At £73 per person, everything is said to be fantastic. And it better be after spending that kind of money….

Guess we’ll have to save up for that one 🙂


Today, I’ve got two questions for you. First, have you tried afternoon tea in London? If yes, where did you go and would you suggest it? Secondly, are you a clotted cream before jam or jam before clotted cream kind of person?? Comment below!

Much Love