My Favourite Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a fantastic and easy way to get in your fruit and veggie allowance in for the day. You can pack them with spinach and kale, even celery and cucumber can be added. Literally almost any fruit ever can be added to smoothies. If you’re familiar with  flavour combinations, generally you can make up your own every time and be decently pleased.

Since I’ve been trying to be actively aware of the foods I put into my body, I like to make a smoothie every morning to have with breakfast or lunch, or just as a morning snack if I’m particularly hungry that day. I generally stick to green smoothies as I prefer eating fruits over vegetables and find it really hard to eat all the required amounts of vegetables a day. So if I can sneak it in to a yummy tasting smoothie, then that’s a win for me.

For those of you who also make smoothies, or may be interested in getting into it, I’ve decided to include 3 of my favourite smoothie recipes I use on a weekly basis.

This post is in no way sponsored by Tropeaka. However, I wouldn’t be all that upset if it was, if ya feel me.

Tropeaka has a wide range of products, all sustainably sourced, non GMO, most of them vegan, organic, natural, and taste amazing. This is the kind of food I believe you should put in your body. Unfortunately, they’re based in Australia so it takes ages to get their products delivered and then you have to pay a fun customs charge on top of it. I bought a ton of their products and am trying not to use too much as I can no longer afford to continue purchasing all their powders sadly. So I am on the lookout for similar products in the UK. If you know of any good brands that’s not too ridiculously expensive, please help a girl out and send me their info!

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Smoothies.

The Ultimate Green Smoothie – Tropeaka Recipe Here


This has literally everything in it. Like a billion different fruits, spinach and cucumber, and a few Tropeaka powders. I suppose this is why they labeled it the Ultimate Green Smoothie.

I didn’t have all the ingredients and actually do not like banana (which I’m actually intolerant to, apparently) so I usually substitute bananas for avocados as it still gives a creamy consistency, and you usually can’t ever taste it.

Here’s my version of the recipe below:

It actually tasted very good. It didn’t feel too sweet or too spinachy. I definitely needed to blend it for longer as mine came out a bit more chunky than I like it. However, I think the taste was good, very refreshing with the cucumber in there.


Acai Smoothie – Tropeaka Recipe Here

I bought Acai powder from Tropeaka as I was interested in trying it out. I looked up the Tropeaka Acai recipe, and it has a ton of banana in it and also coconut milk. As you know from above, I don’t do banana, and I don’t usually buy coconut milk. Generally speaking, I don’t like putting milk in my smoothies.


So of course, I created my own version of the recipe and this is it below:

Because there weren’t a lot of frozen foods in this smoothie, it turned out to be closer to a juice by the time I drank it for lunch (after making it in the early morning). If you drink it right away, you could make it thicker by adding more ice, and possibly more tahini. You can’t taste the tahini at all, I just used it as a substitute for the banana as an avocado would have probably turned this into a really gross colour.


I really enjoyed the taste. Surprisingly, it wasn’t overly sweet and it was really easy to drink. This smoothie is FULL of antioxidants. If you wanted to make it a meal, I’m sure you could add your own protein powder to it as well.

Strawberry Kiwi Green Smoothie

Now this one is my all-time favourite smoothie and it’s my go-to. I love the strawberry kiwi flavour and I use this to sneak some green into my daily diet. I’ve blogged about this one before in my Healthy Snacks post, but I’m including it here if some of you may have missed that one!




I’m always going to be playing around with smoothie recipes because I love smoothies and I don’t want to get tired of having the same thing all the time. Let me know if you’re interested in more recipes!

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to include something that can make the smoothie creamy so banana, avocado, nut or seed butter, something like that. To keep it cold and help with adding texture, it’s best to add some frozen fruit, or spinach. I freeze my spinach because it keeps longer and blends easier. After that, it’s mostly about flavours you like and enjoy. Everyone likes their smoothies different so play around with things and figure out which way you like it most.

Obviously, I am assuming most of you do not have the Tropeaka powders, so use whatever protein powders you have. You can also go to your health food stores and have a look at the different powders they have like spirulina, cacao, acai, or whatever is available and use those for your own smoothies!

Out of the three of these, which one sounds the best to you? Comment below which one you look forward to making the most!

Much Love