Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour at Wembley Stadium

Initially, this post was going to be a bit of a recap with some exciting details about Taylor Swift’s show at Wembley Stadium in London over the weekend. However, with a very interesting turn of events, this story is going to be a little bit more….. eventful.

I invited D’s sisters to come to the concert with me months and months ago when the tickets first went on sale. One of his sisters came from about 3 or 4 hours in the Midlands, and the other one came from 2 hours away in Southampton. I took a half day off, and they took a whole day off, and we got ready and headed out to Wembley on Friday evening – about a 1.5 hour journey from my flat.


We finally arrived and got to the gate. We went to put our tickets in the scanner and it just wasn’t working. We asked the guy who was by the gates and he called a woman over. They looked at our tickets, then turned to us to say, “You’ll have to come back tomorrow. These tickets are for Saturday’s show.”






Are you joking????

Literally so humiliated.

And you guys know this is not in my character. I plan everything to a T. I am so organised it is ridiculous. But somehow managed to overlook once of the most important details of attending a concert. The actual date.


So we got back on the train and started on our journey back to the flat. However, the trains had a different idea. And we managed to get on a train that went from Wembley Park to Baker St then back to Wembley Park. Sat on that one for a half hour. Then got on another train (supposedly to Aldgate) but “because of delays” it terminated at Baker St. And then we finally got on the right train to Liverpool St station, and were then able to get on my train’s line home without any more failures.

To sum up our Friday evening, we all took time off work to ride around on trains in London for 5 hours.

Yes, yes, go ahead and laugh at me. I am a complete idiot.

One of D’s sisters had to go back home on Saturday so unfortunately she missed the concert. Yes, because of me. I will forever feel bad about it. But D’s other sister was able to stay, and D also came because, well, I think he was trying to support me as he knew how horrible I had felt about the whole mix up. He’s a good boyfriend.

Late Saturday afternoon, we made the journey again and got there in time to see Charli XCX doing her opening performance. She was good, although she was basically wearing a poncho materialed crop top and high wasted trousers, which was also see-through. So that was a bit odd. It looked horribly uncomfortable and I can only imagine the sweat trap it was creating (see picture below). After her set, Camila Cabello came on which was also fun to see. I loved her performance of Havana, it is such a good song. And she’s a gorgeous girl.


As you can see, we had really good tickets. The way the staged was shaped and the screens were positioned was also extremely accommodating.

And then we waited for Taylor to make her appearance. The song “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett came on and everyone stood up, expecting her to come out as soon as it ended. It may not have been as dramatic as that, but it was pretty close to it. The crowd erupted, of course and she started her set off with “…Are You Ready For It?”


She played a lot of other songs from her past albums, about 10 or so, which is crazy considering how many songs she had to play on her current album as well. However, she wouldn’t play the entire song, but did a lot of mash ups. It was cool and a unique way to get in a lot of music, but I personally felt there was a bit too many of the mash ups.


My main issue was that she didn’t perform “So It Goes” from her new album. She played every single song from her new album but that one which was such a bummer because I do actually really like that song. They only played that one on the speakers as everyone left the stadium at the end.


The coolest part of the show was when she played Angels by Robbie Williams, who appeared through a hole on the stage during the song. The entire stadium went absolutely mad. It was so loud. And apparently, it’s D’s sister’s favourite artist. As she was shaking from being so shocked and happy, the only thing that went through my mind was that everything happens for a reason. Not only was it a good thing we didn’t have tickets for the Friday night show, but it’s good that she stayed so she was able to enjoy that moment. It was quite amazing. And if any of you watch videos from just that bit of the show, it was an incredible moment.


To be blunt, it wasn’t my favourite concert of hers. I’ve been to the last three world tours and I personally think that she’s had better shows. I liked her past albums a whole lot more than I liked reputation. A few of her new songs are so mainstream that it’s not what I feel like Taylor has always been about. She had her own brand of music and I think that changed a lot in this new album, which is a shame honestly as she’s so talented.

However, a few songs like “King of My Heart” and “Don’t Blame Me” are very OG Taylor. And coincidentally, those are my favourites. I was able to enjoy those ones quite a bit.

As the lights came on, we made our way back home, expecting not to even see the train for an entire hour or so as we had a massive amount of people in front of us also trying to get the train at the same time. Thankfully, TFL managed to move people along extremely fast so that it only took us about a half hour to get to the first train.


Let’s just say this is something I will never live down. I will be made fun of for this for years and years to come. No one will ever trust me to organise or plan a concert or event ever again.

I think I can confidently say that I will not make the same mistake twice….. I hope.

Much Love