Our 2 Year Anniversary


I’ve survived TWO YEARS with this guy?? Good grief, I deserve a medal. Or some nice jewelry…

Oh wait, he already got me a beautiful necklace 🙂

I never wrote our one year anniversary post last year. I had a lot going on at that time as I was moving over here and just never got around to writing it, and it would have been weird to write it a month after the fact. So I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on.


I know I’ve had a lot of new people join the Knackered community, so for those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, I’ll give you a little summary. For those of you who are, just skip this next paragraph if you don’t want to read it again 🙂

D and I were both travelling to Kansas City, MO for work. And we met there, at work. We both liked each other but considering the circumstances, we were a little shy about it at first. We ended up getting drinks together after work, to which we now refer to as “dates.” (At the time, I didn’t know it was a date, but apparently he did so there’s an ongoing thing between the two of us over that). The night I think we truly realised we had something special was at a work dinner with our Chief who is 3 levels above us. We got into a super appropriate conversation about a pop-up dick greeting card – where a massive paper dick smacks you in the face as you open it. And we literally were laughing so hard about it that we cried. As we left the restaurant that evening, we both knew that there was some kind of connection between us, because like, what? Eventually it led to him visiting me for a night in Michigan and our very first kiss which we now celebrate as our anniversary. Two years ago today.


The next day he left to go back to the UK and we immediately tried to make plans to see each other again. Thankfully work sent him over to KC again so that I could fly down to visit, and after that we met in NYC a few times – once for a long weekend, and the other for a week for my birthday. Then I flew to the UK for a week before Christmas. He came to the US for a week and a half for New Years and then we made the decision that I would move to the UK. We then went a whole 90 days without seeing each other. I became an emotional wreck from this. And then I made a plan to visit the UK again over the Easter holiday. He came for another long weekend in May for my grandma’s 80th birthday (I know, what a sweetheart). And then I moved over there a month later. Like what a YEAR.


A month after I moved over there, we moved into our first flat together which we’re still living in, and loving, by the way. We spent a lot of our money furnishing it. We’re about 90% done now but it still needs a bit more decorating in my opinion. We’ve travelled a lot throughout the UK. You can read more about that in my post from last week here. We celebrated our first Christmas together this year, which was so weird, but also kind of amazing. We’ve been through a lot emotionally.


I’m going to be quite blunt and honest with you guys. I was a complete nightmare the first few months I moved here. And rightly so. I had moved to whole new country where D (who I had only known for a year) was the only person I really knew in the UK. So naturally, I latched on to him. He was my comfort, he was my home. We were living in the same flat, working in the same room, driving in the same car, had all the same friends. We never got space. And I actually couldn’t deal with having space from him. It subconsciously freaked me out. So any time he wanted to have a lads night, or do something without me, I took it personally and got a bit scared/angry. I actually don’t know how to properly explain it. But to anyone else, I came off as a controlling psycho. I am not a psycho girlfriend. I don’t have it in me. But it was very hard for me at first. As more time had gone on, I had begun to develop close friendships, and eventually I got comfortable with the area and trains, and even his family. And it all became much easier. Finally, I was able to relax a lot more. Around March time frame, he was transferred to another work building and our relationship has been 1000x better off for it.


Now I’m at a point where if he wants to go have a lads night or get a drink with a friend then have it, babe! #boibai

That means I get the flat to myself and I can watch a chick flick on the couch without any complaints. I am a happy girl.

I can’t tell you the transition from moving was necessarily hard for me because D made it so much easier. Being close with him and spending every day together when we were used to going months without seeing each other was fucking amazing. (I’m not even going to apologise for my language). We had finally been able to live through a proper relationship instead of the long distance crap.



Looking back, I think we handled everything we’ve been through together very well. Of course there have been a lot of arguments. A lot of shouting. And a lot of tears. But every single argument has brought us closer and has made us understand each other more. Even our arguments have evolved now. It’s funny to think back to how we handled them a year ago versus now.

Our relationship has gone through a lot in only two years. And it’s matured into everything I would expect it to be.


Yes, very mature…. 😛

We spend most of our time making jokes at each other’s expense and laughing. We love a lot of the same shows, so sitting on the couch watching Netflix is one of our favourite things to do. I legitimately love cooking for us. Although, I wish I had more time to enjoy it. I love when we have a road trip together because we jam out to music. We both love singing in the car, and we do so very loudly. I can’t wait for the times when we plan a true holiday together.


When I look back I can’t believe it’s been two years with this guy already. Part of me feels like it’s gone by so quickly, but the other part of me feels like I’ve known him for 10 years. He’s my best friend. I tell him everything – even if he only listens to half of it – and we laugh at the same stuff. Living life with him is just fun.


After we woke up this past Sunday, we went and did our food shopping then came home and just sat on the sofa and watched Netflix. I was thinking about how amazingly nice it was to be able to do that with someone else. I remember this time last year all I wanted was to just hang out and relax with him. I dreamt about the weekends we would just chill and do nothing together.

Maybe this sounds weird? It makes sense to me.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, when you do see each other, there’s a lot of pressure. You don’t want to spend your time arguing so you’re on your best behaviour. You want to make the most out of your time together so you’re out and about doing different things. It’s never simple. You never get to just live life together. I had wanted to share that with him so badly.


And then the other part of me is thinking, “how the hell am I not sick of him yet??” I was the kind of person where if I spent too much time with anyone, I got annoyed and needed space right away. I couldn’t handle it. So when it came time to live with D, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to deal. And somehow, I have not gotten sick of him!! On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. I can’t wait for what our future holds and I am so excited to see what comes along for us.



So Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my person, the absolute love of my life. Thanks for always making me laugh. Thanks for being the biggest considerate asshole ever. Thanks for being patient with me during all my craziness, and being so supportive when I got the Palsy. My life completely changed that night when you first kissed me, and I couldn’t ever imagine living it without you. I love you. Always. <3

Much Love